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McG Is Back At It; Talks ‘Terminator Salvation’ & ‘Terminator 5’
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Around the time that Terminator Salvation was making its massive final push toward what ended up being a bit of a let down at the domestic box office, director McG and his movie were in the news what seemed like every single day. Whether it was a new image, a quote, or any other variety of things, it was all over the ‘net.

While out helping to promote the new TV show Human Target, McG got back to it, starting with what went wrong with Salvation, as well as some details on what could become Terminator 5.

He started off with his take on why Terminator Salvation wasn’t loved by everyone.

I think the film missed some of the fun that Jim [Cameron] brought to the early pictures. I’m a disciple of Jim. We’ll bring a little bit more relief in that [fun] capacity. Not to the degree that you saw in the third picture, but a little bit more than ours. We wanted to be very, very nose to the grindstone and really establish credibility and it worked in many ways and it was unsuccessful in other ways, because it wasn’t a unanimous world of “Fuck yeah, we love Terminator Salvation.” There were plenty of people who kicked us in the ass over it. But the film will end up doing about $400 million bucks and internationally it was very well received – better than it was here in the States. But we live in a domestic intensive Hollywood film world and I take it very personally. I take it very seriously. And clearly I didn’t do a good enough job on that picture and I didn’t satisfy the fanbase to the degree that I would expect to satisfy them. And I take that very seriously and I just work that much more diligently to make sure I do that in the next one.

McG went on to re-visit where he wants to see Terminator 5 go, and talks about the time travel concept that he’s mentioned before (Read: McG Talks “˜Terminator Salvation’ Sequel & Fighting James Cameron).

One of the problems is that in a post-apocalyptic world, everybody’s a little bummed out because your brother melted… your friends are gone. Everything went haywire. So the idea is to play with one of the tried and true rules of the franchise – time travel – and introduce it in this picture. I don’t want to share too much, but let’s just say it’s very, very likely that John Connor is going to end up running through rooms like this where he knows something that none of us know. And I think that is a platform for great storytelling. Because I always love it when [Kyle] Reese is in our world, as you saw in the first picture, and everybody thinks he’s out of his fucking mind and he knows and he can’t afford to be concerned. And he’s got to convince someone he cares about to come with him! And that’s one of the engines. And we’ll have a much more clearly defined antagonist in the new picture. It will be more of a chase movie with a new Terminator that is on your ass.

So that’s where Terminator 5 currently stands in the mind of McG. Are you any more sold on this whole time travel concept that takes place before the events of Terminator Salvation?

[Source: IGN]


  1. Oh yeah I’m sure adding comedy will really save the movie from bad acting and a poorly written story. At least hire some actors who can maintain an accent. Oh yeah and heart transplants in the desert in a world where its hard to find antibiotics, let alone anti-rejection drugs. Geesh!

    Comment by Brent73 — August 8, 2009 @ 4:07 pm

  2. ok bad idea, McG. It will destroy the franchise if you go back to making it a chase movie. Also the whole London bid in 2011. bad idea as well. Given that he’s making a techno-future war movie, it’s in his best interest to tell things chronologically. Don’t try to be clever by throwing people back in time. It’s just going to ruin it. People went to see Terminator Salvation for one reason and one reason only, and that is the future war. Something we only saw bits and pieces of in the first films. Leave the whole “chase” concept where it belongs; dead and buried.

    Comment by Dsparil — August 9, 2009 @ 10:36 am


    Comment by Dr Blitzgeek — August 9, 2009 @ 2:54 pm

  4. Hmmmm, I dunno to be honest, in some ways I think maybe MCG should give it up and let someone else have yet another crack at the franchise in 5 or 6 years time (preferrably someone not working in Hollywood, but then I could say that about most proposed re-makes etc, (one of my favorite films is La Jetee so go figure)). I didn’t actually mind salvation, but the script was pretty stupid in places as Brent73 pointed out. I agree with MCG that the Reese/timetravel storyline was a great angle, but I also agree with Dsparil that trying to be overly clever with something like timetravel might just dissapoint people further. Im for more gritty future war stuff, T2 was lame, film it on super 8 and make sure to include the same Hunter Killer lazer canon sound FX as in the first movie and you cant go wrong!

    Comment by Gordon Emanuel — August 11, 2009 @ 3:50 pm

  5. The reason the chase scenes were so intense was the audience was shown a glimpse of the future was… it was a dark, horrible, scary existence where terminators & HKs hunted humans down like vermin. An if the Terminators win in the past our chances in the future go from poor to nil! Now that the past has been done 3x I now wonder why can’t they just concentrate on the “future war” that was depicted in half of the first Terminator & and at the beginning of T2? Each film after the first one showed us less of the future & Salvation (set in the future) showed us how the humanity resistance gets started with John Conner as the leader, but still the movie didn’t “really” give us the machine/human war promised in the first Terminator. I’m talking about a well coordinated guerilla army of humans w/rapid fire plasma rifles fighting legions of laser cannon wielding T-800s.

    Comment by Late2thepary — October 6, 2009 @ 6:02 pm

  6. first of all, the movie didnt fit the other movies, its impossible to top Cameron in making movies in the first place, terminator 1 was a blast of fun, scary at that, even the stopmotion didnt bother me, because it was fresh and new, terminator 2, i must have watched that movie 250 times in a row, wich just simply almost makes it the best action movie of all time, with the verry bad acting arnold schwarzenegger wich is so loveable because he sounds like a taling computer wich is one of the reasons he got casted in the first place, terminator salvation is a bad movie, this is the entire reason i dont like movies anymore these days, theyr flat unimaginative, VERy very very poor acting, they couldnt even catch a breath, one way spotting this in terminator salvation, just pay attention to how fast they respond to one another, this movie could have been so much better if it was pased diferently, anyway, it was very poor and very stupid, dont make another one please, this is so bad it makes me cry… its terrible, no better yet, its so bad i want to rip my own balls of…..this sucks really… sorry but this is so crap

    Comment by hansio — November 1, 2009 @ 5:27 am

  7. Dear Arnold,

    I love The Terminator series. I think it should remain biblical. Kind of like we can choose our own fate; at the same time, there is a sense of a higher power (God). A gigantic storm would be an awesome way to destroy the machines! The humans should make a weather machine or the weather should be involved somehow. Maybe John Connor could become more of a biblical figure (like Jesus). Also, the movie #5 or #6 should have some nice detailed scenes of the layout (inside and outside) of Crystal Peak Military Base. That would be awesome! Make Crystal Peak give a real sense of security and have the outside of it seem totally scary!

    In #6 the machines could finally gain access to Crystal Peak; although, by that point Connor would have thought of the perfect way to destroy them: the perfect storm. As God’s of the machines, the humans should have the power to destroy them.

    Just like God has the power to destroy us; and just like God has the power to give us life. Or, maybe God destroys the machines!? Who knows?! Just wing it! Maybe somehow Connor can talk to God, just like Jesus can? Or would that ruin the series? In any event, I hope these ideas get your creative brain juices going. And please, no Asian religious overtones. So many movies have been doing that lately and it’s getting old.

    The bible is such an awesome basis for any movie. If you finish The Terminator series right it could rival Star Wars for best movie trilogy of all time. Whatever you do, you’ll be back!

    Lastly, don’t get too all knowing like those awful movies done recently by Nicholas Cage: his recent movies have been absolutely terrible. Who has been writing those terrible plots and scripts for Cage? His movie writers have their heads up their ass! They need to spend more time in the real world with real people in order to make a good movie. Otherwise, it just feels too disconnected.

    Please e-mail me back with your honest opinion of all this. Thanks.

    Andrew Nash,
    The Terminator Fan

    Comment by Andrew Nash — January 11, 2010 @ 2:54 am

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