Wonder Woman Gets A New Costume & Origin Story
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By Willie Gillis

After years of having the same look, Wonder Woman is getting a makeover. In Wonder Woman #600 of Wonder Woman, released in comic shops today, the Amazon Princess gets a modern redesign of her legendary costume. The costume, redesigned by DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee, coincides with the start of a new creative team on the book as well as a new adventure for Wonder Woman. The new team consists of writer J. Michael Straczynski and artists Don Kramer and Michael Babinski.

Check out Wonder Woman in her new costume here at right (click image for larger, full view).

The direction for the book puts Wonder Woman in a modern era where her original origin story has been altered. The world she would have known is now destroyed and her Amazon race is in danger of extinction. Wonder Woman’s world is now in an urban setting where she knows little about her previous life and she will have to fight to survive.

The costume itself is a great refresher for the character to bring her into a modern world. The costume redesign comes at the right time to add a new twist to the Wonder Woman story. The new costume is not only a change in wardrobe, but also an introduction to a new Wonder Woman mythos. The change also brings the character into a modern time where all women, young and old, can relate.

Although the costume redesign has met mixed criticism online, the change is a welcomed one. There has been criticism of “that’s not the Wonder Woman we know,” but this is a chance to meet a new Wonder Woman with the same core and a different story.

What do you think of Wonder Woman’s new costume?

[Source: DC Source Blog]


  1. I’m not going to completely disregard the costume change because it might go well with the new story. But, at first glance, I’d say leggings are not badass, though neither are tights, so I’ll live with the leggings. I can’t live with the jacket though. Nothing against the actual jacket itself, but it appears a bit clumsy and if she takes it off, now she’s gotta keep track of a damn jacket? ‘Oh wait, I left my jacket on the ground after I kicked that guy in the face, let me run back and get it!’ No, bad idea.

    What I do like is that they gave her top some straps. Seriously, a well-endowed woman needs some support, and it does make it seem more like she’s fit more snuggly in it.

    With that, yes, part of me has always been like ‘why must WW run around half naked?’ while the other part of me is like ‘hey, that’s her costume, it’s iconic, don’t change it!’. So, yeah, a bit torn on this change. But, the good thing is, it’s bringing WW a lot of media attention, which I’m sure was part of DC’s plan. And you know, it’s only clothes, they can be changed.

    Comment by Empress Eve — July 1, 2010 @ 12:09 am

  2. so wait… did i read that right, they just decided to to go back and change her history? How do you do that without nullifying every previous encounter she had with others during this erased time? How does that just happen in sense of continuity?
    This reminds me of the blue suit they gave superman, something to get quick attention that will forgotten in less that six months.

    Comment by adam — July 1, 2010 @ 1:58 am

  3. This is being written by JMS, who walked off Spider-Man after he was contractually forced to write the worst retcon in that book’s history, “One More Day.” And now he’s come to DC and his big plan is to totally retcon Wonder Woman? It’s just me, but this doesn’t make sense and doesn’t look good.

    Comment by Rowdy C — July 1, 2010 @ 8:53 pm

  4. This is outrageous; I cannot believe this is happening. Please someone wake me, is this a nightmare? I wish I had the money to buy this company so I could fire everyone in it. Who are these people and what are they smoking? Why do they have to screw with every freaking thing? You don’t change the Mona Lisa, You don’t change the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty. I can’t help but to think that this is somewhat political, I think it’s funny at how all the Hero movies they are making have what I think is a dark undertone to them, they just seem to be dark to me?? I think they want to make a WW movie, but the fact is the USA is very unpopular at this time and they are afraid that if they keep her in the Red, White & Blue then it won’t pull international profits. Well “F” that.. Hey, DC Communist, oops sorry comics, if you’re listening, here’s a story line for you. Change her back to the Red, White & Blue, have her come back to America and instead of having her fight the Nazis, have her fight these New World Order Banks who are bankrupting our county and robbing us blind. Have her fight this American Military Industrial complex, who’s invading the world and starting war’s everywhere. Have her expose and bring to light 911 truth, Hell, have her fight Home Land Security from putting us all in prison & FEMA camps and expose all their evil secret list. Just for fun, I would to see her beat the Hell out of Jay Z.

    Let the Bells of Freedom Ring!!!! Wake Up American!!!

    Comment by Robert M — July 27, 2010 @ 11:43 pm

  5. I admit that Wonder Woman’s costume needs a change, but I feel they went in the wrong direction. They really should get rid of the jacket because it makes her look way too juvenile, like an angry confused teen with a large chip on her shoulders and her “W” marked bracelets seem incredibly tacky (like Adam West Batman) though J. Michael Straczynski stated that HE wanted a more modern “street fighter” look. Unfortunately, this is a look that belonged and stayed in the 90’s. I found it very hard to take her seriously because she doesn’t quite portray that classic sense of maturity, self-confidence, and pride that I found so appealing with the classic look.

    If they really wanted a new look to succeed, then maybe they should have her costume look more like that of an ancient Greek Warrior. Lose the pants and give her Pteryges (armored leather pleats) with a signature belt and tall light-armored boots (still show the skin of her legs and shoulders, just not all of it, to really help define her physic). This could help give more to the respect that she IS a proud Amazon and warrior because with the new look, we only have her word that she is an Amazon, not the visual portrayal, which is very important for any super hero.

    The new look could possibly work if they got RID of the jacket (it’s just too juvenile, would work for Wonder Girl, though) made a few tweaks to the cuirass, brought back a tweaked version of her tall boots, and did away with the “W”s on her fists (way too tacky).

    Comment by SMR — November 25, 2010 @ 10:57 am

  6. I do agree with the last two posts. I think changing her costume is an aweful idea. In my opioion, it goes against EVERYTHING that costume stood for. It was based off the patch on Diana Trevor’s U.S. military jacket and the Golden Girdle of Gaea. Oh wait, they must have covered that when they changed her story. WTF? It’s an insult. I absolutely love Wonder Woman and I have to say I hate everything about this. Bad choice.

    Comment by Amanda — January 9, 2011 @ 2:38 am

  7. I have no problem with the new costume. Matter of fact, in the house ad for DC “maintaining” the line at 2.99 she looks awesome. She is instantly recognizable as Diana/Wonder Woman. The only significant difference between that costume and the iconic one is trading in the star-spangled briefs for blue tights. Otherwise, all the other components are there. Tiara, bracelets, WW logo. Tweaked to be sure, but still there. The jacket has definitely got to stay in the clothes closet.
    No, what bothers me is that I hope they don’t mess with her continuity any further once this skewed timeline is resolved. It’s very confusing as it is and only leads to questions about who the heck Donna Troy and Cassie Sandemark are if the Amazons have been all but destroyed. Plus, her relationship to her “soul” sister Donna and her virtual adopted daughter Wonder Girl are among the most inspiring in the comics universe. I hate seeing them mess with that!

    Comment by richard — January 29, 2011 @ 9:54 am

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