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TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead 2.9 “Los Muertos”
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Fear the Walking Dead 2.9

Fear the Walking Dead
Season 2 Episode 9 “Los Muertos”
Directed by Deborah Chow
Written by Alan Page
Starring Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Lorenzo James Henrie, Mercedes Mason, Danay Garcia
Air Date: Sunday, August 28, 2016, 9pm

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead…

Last week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, which was the mid-season 2 premiere, focused solely on Nick and his hazardous journey through the Mexican desert that ended with him finding a safe haven. But, as we know with this show, and it’s parent show The Walking Dead, anything that seems too good to be true certainly is.

This new episode, 2.9 “Los Muertos,” brings us back to Nick at Colonia, where he awakens in the infirmary to see the area is desolate. He roams around outside to see where all the residents are and he finds them when he follows the sound of a little girl crying. She points down below. “Mi Papa,” she says. We see a man being led to a school bus by Luciana and Alejandro. Luciana is teary eyed as she asks the man if he’s “ready.” He is, and goes into the bus and out the back door, which leads to a yard with Walkers. The residents are chanting in Spanish (“We come from the dead and to the dead we surrender ourselves”) as the man sacrifices himself to the Walkers, much to Nick’s shock.

Next, we finally see Madison and her new group of Strand, her daughter Alicia, and Ofelia. They’ve been driving North and South looking for Nick and Travis, but have found nothing. Madison wants them to try searching East, but Strand says they won’t make it in their pick-up truck. They need to go back to the Abigail, Strand’s yacht that the group had escaped on at the start of the season. When they get back to the water, the boat is gone, likely confiscated by the military. Madison doesn’t want to leave, in case others go back to the boat, but her daughter Alicia insists they seek shelter. They leave a message out of driftwood: “Abigail Lost Go North,” and then head for an abandoned hotel they had passed.

Meanwhile, over at Colonia, it’s back to business as usual for everyone, though Nick still doesn’t know what that whole situation at the bus was about. Luciana doesn’t seem to want to give him any answers, but eventually, we learn that this is their Wall of the Dead that they have to prevent anyone or anything from entering their fortress. When someone is sick, they go to join the Wall of the Dead so that they can protect the living. She also reveals that Alejandro had been bitten and survived, and this is why the residents have faith that they are the “chosen ones.” They believe that the infected are the dead traveling to their final resting place and that when they arrive, the survivors will be rewards.

Luciana then recruits Nick for an outside mission, choosing the new resident because he “won’t be missed.” That’s confronting. They smear themselves in Walker blood and make their way to an area that’s guarded by a gang. There, Luciana trades them something for supplies. She goes into a supermarket to get water and milk, as well as supplies for their infirmary. Nick is more interested in some goodies, but she stresses that they’re to take only what they really need. You know where this is going. They leave with their cart of water and other necessities when one of the men tackles Nick, who “” guess what? “” has smuggled out a small package of cake. They are about to mete out some justice by chopping off his hand, but he says if they hurt him, he won’t bring back any Oxy for them. At the back of the supermarket, Nick had seen a sick women, who it turns out is the gang leader’s sister who needs the drugs. Nick has Luciana tell them in Spanish that they now want another cart of water or they won’t be giving them any more Oxy. Somehow, this works “” they leave with the extra water AND the tiny cake Nick had stolen. Luciana reprimands Nick for what he did, and is now worried that they’ll be followed by the gang, who doesn’t know where their Colonia is.

They do make it to the Colonia, seemingly undetected. Nick finds the little girl who lost her papa and offers her the stolen cake to comfort her for her loss. Luciana appears to be touched by Nick’s kind gesture, but Alejandro lectures Nick about putting his people in danger. This is where Nick sees Alejandro’s bite on his shoulder. In this world, people have seen that if you get bitten, you turn into a Walker, but the residents of the Colonia believe otherwise. They believe that those of them who will survive who keep the faith will be “saved” in a bigger way.

Back to Madison: Her group heads back to the hotel, where they see that someone had locked the place up and even marked with Do Not Disturb signs the rooms that contain the infected. It’s clear that Madison can’t get passed Nick not being there with her, and Alicia is resentful that her mother can’t appreciate that while Nick isn’t there, she IS! Alicia even passes a comment about how she can take care of herself now because she’s been doing that half her life anyway. Alicia and Ofelia then go off to check the rooms, while Strand and Madison stay behind at the bar and get drunk, and Strand flirts a bit with her. Here, we learn a bit about Madison: She’s really a southern belle from Alabama who bartended her way through college. She also confesses to Strand that her husband, Steven, was sucked into his own depression and that while he did die driving home from work, she believes he crossed over into oncoming traffic on purpose. This appears to be a confession she’s never told anyone, especially her children, who she let believe their father’s death was an accident. The two get very drunk, and Madison laments that Nick inherited his father’s “darkness” and that he was born “lost” into this world and has been slipping through her fingers since the beginning.

Over in the main part of the hotel, Alicia and Ofelia scavenge for provisions, and find a safe room that still has hot water. Alicia takes a hot shower, but before she does, the women talk about what survival is in this apocalypse. Ofelia seems like she’s very near “giving up,” while Alicia believes that you must keep on trying to survive. (We learned earlier that Ofelia was almost married, but her fiancé moved to Santa Fe, NM, and she couldn’t go with him because she had to care for her parents.) When Alicia gets out of the shower, Ofelia is nowhere to be found and Walkers that are on the balconies are hurling themselves off. And why is this happening all of a sudden? Likely because”¦

Dumb drunk Strand and Madison are making a ton of noise down at the bar! Madison is smashing drinking glasses, while Strand pounds on an out-of-tune piano, all of which is drawing in nearby Walkers, who then break through the glass doors, leaving Madison and Strand to fight them off, and Alicia now surrounded by roused Walkers.

The episode ends at the Colonia, where Alejandro is giving a sermon in Spanish to the residents that talks about how life is running out, and that the dead are on a pilgrimage to their final resting place. He assures them that “death” will not take them, because the world is being left for them “” the faithful, the chosen ones, the children of the resurrection. When he’s done, his flock begins their chant again, and after a few times, we see Nick in the back start chanting as well. He has apparently seen the light.

Ok, I just have to say it: HOW is it that these people have survived? These STUPID, moronic people, Alicia especially. Everything she does is a mistake, yet she’s the one who keeps talking about how she can take care of herself and how important it is to survive. Really? You are so stupid, Alicia!!!!!! But, not as stupid as your mom and Strand, both of whom should, by now, know to SHUT UP AND KEEP QUIET!!!!!!!! How, please, someone tell me how is it that they could start making SO much noise in a situation like this?

I would think that in an apocalypse scenario the survivors would be those with great immune systems, who don’t need much sleep or food, who know how to rough it, who have COMMON SENSE. Yet, the bulk of our survivors do not fit this description. Look, I’m not saying I would survive or anything – I’m sure I’d be one of the first ones dead, but at this point, I think I’d have a better shot then these idiots. Why should I root for these people to win out when they don’t deserve it!?!?!?

Oh, one more thing: Luciana tells Nick that the gang does not know where her Colonia is located, and that they’ve never followed her back. Umm”¦ WHAT!?!?!?!? Ok, so we are supposed to believe that this gang of machine gun-wielding cutthroats never thought to follow her back to her place, which is filled with plenty of Oxycontin!!!!, and just overtake them? Yes, I realize that even if they had followed her back, they’d be confronted with the Wall of the Dead, but if Luciana can put some infected blood on her cheeks like it’s blush and walk right through, why can’t other people do that? Sorry, this is really hard to believe.

This episode really annoyed the shit out of me. I thought Nick’s 100-mile trek through the desert with a dog bite and sans food and water from last week was a lot to take in, but at least you can chalk that up to one man’s perseverance and quest for survival in the world of the dead. But this time around, ugh!!!!!!

I did enjoy learning about the Colonia’s beliefs, which seem plausible under the circumstances, and I look forward to seeing more of this storyline. But at this point, I’d like for Madison, Strand, Alicia, and Ofelia to meet the Wall of the Dead and be done with it already.


Fear the Walking Dead: “˜Los Muertos’ Official Sneak Peek Ep. 209

Madison struggles to give up her search for Travis and Nick.

[Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC. Used with permission.]

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