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10 Ways To Make a Kick Ass Version of ‘Space: 1999’
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By Broadcasting Brain

Space: 1999Space: 1999, the first major science fiction television series to follow Star Trek, deserves a second chance at life. Space: 1999, which ran from 1975-77, chronicles the adventures of an international crew of scientists and specialists on Earth’s Moon. Although it was cancelled after two seasons, fans still fondly remember the series. In light of other pop culture recycling that permeates today’s creative content, why not see what can be reused from this series?

As Space: 1999 begins, Commander John Koenig arrives at Moonbase Alpha, charged with ensuring the successful launch of a manned deep space probe after a series of mysterious crew deaths. His old colleague Professor Victor Bergman is there as chief scientist and advisor, while Chief Medical Officer Dr. Helena Russell tries to determine the cause of the deaths. The cause is determined to be radiation poisoning from unstable nuclear waste disposal sites, which explode, blasting the Moon out of Earth’s orbit, on an unknown trajectory at unknown speed, towards open space.

The series is a story of survival, adventure, and hope as the crew of Moonbase Alpha, the only manned settlement not on the Earth, searches for a new home in space. They encounter aliens, other humanoid civilizations, space phenomena, fearsome machines, and have several failed encounters with planets which could have provided homes for the lost Earthlings. You might see some parallels with later series like Battlestar Galactica (both versions) and Star Trek: Voyager.

Despite a small but loyal fan following, Space: 1999 never achieved mainstream popularity. The British TV series did not receive critical acclaim and the lack of popular success led to its cancellation following the end of its second season. The science, the writing, and the acting ranged from awful to the occasional good episode. The second season, designed to inject some action, sex appeal, and humor into the show, destroyed the moody, scary vibe that helped make the series successful in season one. The execution fell flat most of the time and the show was cancelled after year two.

Space: 1999 Comic BookNevertheless, Space: 1999 made a impression on 1970’s science fiction and it’s still remembered with some fondness today. The series spawned toys, lunchboxes, novels, comic books, and a series of successful fan conventions. A fan-made film, starring one of the original Space: 1999 cast members, served as a coda to the series. The original stars even reunited for a short 19th century parody of the show!

I’ve watched the show at different times over the years and although I’m more aware of its faults, I see lots of potential with the concept. It occurred to me that if someone could (very) successfully remake Battlestar Galactica, why couldn’t someone do the same thing with Space: 1999? Heck, they’re even trying it with Star Trek!

Why couldn’t someone take the best elements of the show and them to re-imagine Space: 1999? The key concept of Earth’s Moon traveling through space would have to be preserved, as would many of the characters and conventions (e.g., Moonbase Alpha, Eagle transport ships, key characters like Koenig, Bergman, and Russell). However, this would be a chance to do it better.

Had I the resources and finances, there are ten things that I would do to make a kick ass remake of Space: 1999.

#1 spacer
Space: 1999-The Moon Blasting out of Earth's OrbitChange how the Moon left Earth’s orbit. Author Harlan Ellison put it well: If the explosions occurred on the Dark Side of the Moon (the side that faces away from the Earth), then why didn’t the Moon slam into the Earth? Or fracture and explode for that matter? And, if the Moon is moving that fast, how do small reconnaissance ships ever catch up to it? My solution: a space warp is created that shifts the Moon to a new position in space. Moreover, I would make this “shifting” a regular event that can’t be prevented.

#2 spacer
Space: 1999?Change the meaning of 1999. Clearly, basing a new SF series in 1999 might be a hard sell. However, there’s still brand recognition that come from the name Space: 1999. Therefore, I would keep 1999 as a recurring value or theme in the reimagined series. The 1999 theme would reveal itself throughout the series in several different ways:

  1. One of the main characters will receive a secret communication on Sept. 13, 1999 (in honor of the date of the Moon blasting out of Earth orbit in the original series) but the new series will be set in 2039.
  2. A mysterious Project 1999 will be an ongoing plot element during part of the series.

#3 spacer
David Kano (Clifton Jones)Give bigger roles and more meaning to the secondary characters, as per the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. Minor characters like David Kano (computer expert), Sandra Benes (data analyst), Dr. Mathias (physician), Alan Carter (Chief Eagle Pilot), and Paul Morrow (second in command of Moonbase Alpha) could be developed to add more color to the show.

#4 spacer
John Koenig (Martin Landau)John Koenig would suffer from some form of mental illness. This could be used to create ongoing tension and suspense in the series, i.e., will he finally crack under the pressure? In the original series, Koenig was a bit uptight and aloof, but he did occasionally explode. The continual possibility of Koeing having a breakdown would make things interesting. Moreover, if people started to doubt his ability to lead, then it would put Paul Morrow into the spotlight and force him to make difficult choices (loyalty to a superior officer vs. the welfare of the entire moonbase crew).

#5 spacer
Dr. Helena Russell (Barbara Bain)Give the chief medical officer a debilitating illness. What if Helena Russell became horribly sick? I originally thought of cancer, but since that’s awfully close to what happened with Laura Roslin on Battlestar Galactica, I would have Russell develop the symptoms of multiple sclerosis or the same disease that Stephen Hawking has. Let’s turn up the pressure a few more notches!

#6 spacer
Prof. Victor Bergman (Barry Morse)Compromise Prof. Victor Bergman’s character. Prof. Bergman was the kindly “space uncle” and wise old man of the original series. I’d like to keep that, but at the same time, I think Bergman would have to be compromised in some way. Maybe he’s a double agent of sorts, serving multiple agendas? I think he would be the one who receives the secret signal that I mention in point 2a.

#7 spacer
Moonbase AlphaMoonbase Alpha. When I hear that name, I think “the first moonbase.” What if there was more than one moonbase? If there were, what happened to them? I think the stories of other moonbases could tie in to some bigger mysteries in the new series.

#8 spacer
Thaed, from planet Sunim (Episode: A Matter of Balance)Arch-enemy/nemesis. Space: 1999 should have its equivalent of the Cylon, the Romulans, the Shadows, or the Borg. Maybe a race of shape-shifters like the Skrull from Marvel Comics would add some excitement. And, speaking of shapeshifters”¦

#9 spacer
Maya (Catherine Schell)Maya 2.0. Maya was a shapeshifting character introduced in the second season of Space: 1999. She replaced Bergman while providing a love interest for one of the other main characters. She could be a sex-changing sexpot or another Odo. Maybe a traitor?

#10 spacer
Planet EarthA purpose for their journey through space. Just as Battlestar Galactica should end when the Colonials reach Earth, the journey of Earth’s Moon through space should lead to some destination. It doesn’t have to be a physical destination, but we do need some answers!

Sometimes a great idea goes awry as a result of loss of direction or poor execution. There were good idea seeds in Space: 1999 that really deserve a chance to flourish again. Hopefully some brilliant creative crew may someday read this article and use it to launch a new, better Space: 1999.


Broadcasting Brain (aka Mark Dykeman) was a fanboy geek before it was cool. He fondly remembers $0.50 comic books, seeing the debut of Star Wars Ep. IV and his old Atari 2600. He also writes about social media and stuff at Broadcasting Brain.


  1. I have fond memories of this show. I would welcome a reimagining of this show. I like a lot of your ideas on how to do it.
    Maria Schell’s character was cool.

    Comment by Jerry — July 3, 2008 @ 1:52 pm

  2. You mean Catherine Schell – but I agree with ya. Maya was the only really interesting character. Too bad the writers tended to use her as a plot novelty (IMHO).

    The character of John Koenig was never really well defined I think. The writers never really settled on a core set of attributes for him. (One episode he’s psychotic and on the verge of insanity, the next he’s cool & calm in the face of total destruction, then the next he shows signs of actually out-thinking his opponents.) Let’s face it: They don’t put you in charge of an entire moon-base if a little stress turns you into a raving lunatic! I always thought he should have been the cool, calm, out-witting type who rarely picks up a weapon.

    Personally I thought it was a little odd on many occasions the moon-base itself would be almost completely blown up, yet the next episode it was all back to normal. They never explained how that was possible. I came to the conclusion that the part of the moon-base that we see on the surface was actually only perhaps 5% of the whole base – the rest of the base was actually a vast underground complex. (This idea was hinted at in one episode, but never officially stated.) And why is it that, after so many years floating around in space and having encountered so many advanced races, that their best base-defense weapons turned out to be…lasers?

    Comment by John — July 4, 2008 @ 7:48 am

  3. I adore SPACE: 1999 and I would pay top dollar to see your version. Well done!

    How’s this for a nemesis–a legion of automaton marionettes, woot!

    Comment by Heather — July 4, 2008 @ 3:01 pm

  4. As the success of the new BSG is hard to ignore, I can easily imagine a similar attempt with Space: 1999. And although I’m sure that a lot of the elements that have helped propel BSG to its current status could be employed, I would hope that any group of self-respecting “re-creators” would avoid co-opting too many of them…
    Thanks for the read!

    Comment by Kurre — July 9, 2008 @ 10:29 am

  5. I imagine a moonbase alpha after twenty-years, with life support systems at the end: new characters (the new generations) and a changed serial atmosphere, from “clean” science-fiction (star trek, space: 1999) to “dirty” (alien, new battlestar galactica).

    Comment by Federico Bo — July 14, 2008 @ 3:35 am

  6. .50 cent comics! feh! You piker! I remember when they were .10 cents and getting upset when they went to .12 cents!

    Anyways… One good way to revive that show would be to have the females wear the fishnet shirts like the woman on my my Space 1999 lunchpail wore, which I used to get teased about…

    Funny, I don’t remember seeing that on the show- it’d probably still be in production if it were…

    Comment by Ensign Redshirt — July 14, 2008 @ 5:02 am

  7. Well, I am a big fan of a BSG style remake here, but I would have to say… This is a BIG opportunity to do sci fi tv the right way and avoid the “formula” unimaginative products that have been shoved down the throats of viewers for so many decades because of the great fear of profit loss and the failure of execs to understand the nature of sci-fi fans and their hunger for more well written, beautifully crafted and intellectually stimulating sci-fi shows that are more character driven and make sense to intellegent fans without the STTNG style “logic fixes” to patch up plot holes. I personally would kill to see a remake of Space 1999 which had a production tone & value more in line with (no pun intended) 2001 a space oddity. I feel this is the perfect vehicle to avoid the cliché “Trek” clone formula that so many shows try to acheive and try something new and refreshing. Stimulate our minds and souls not our crotches & bellies. Also, heres a good fix for the “1999” conundrum… what if “1999” was a countdown before the moon was ripped out of orbit?? That is a decent plot hole fix that doesn’t go too far out of the baselines and isn’t too silly. Elegant in simplicity as it were. Also, what if a higher power (ie; a more advanced civilization) were responsible for tearing the moon out of earths orbit? You could tie in the Nuclear waste angle (an advanced civilization might find it so objectionable that we pollute the moon with nuclear waste, and fear our growing need for newer waste dumps further out into spaced that they might just decide to reach out and “swat” us) this would give us a much more plausable plot vehicle/premise and also a recurring adversary/plot arc goal… to acheive an understanding with the alien force and get them to return moonbase alpha to earths orbit. Just a few thoughts off the top of my head here. I would have to insist on the lack of gravity and other more scientifically plausable production devices on any remake. :)

    Comment by Mike — July 26, 2008 @ 12:05 am

  8. ping-back:

    Color me gobsmacked when I came across a post at Geeks of Doom titled “10 Ways To Make A Kick Ass Version of Space: 1999.”

    Comment by Heather — July 29, 2008 @ 10:32 pm

  9. Color me gobsmacked when I came across a post at Geeks of Doom titled “10 Ways To Make A Kick Ass Version of Space: 1999.”

    Comment by Heather — July 30, 2008 @ 5:01 pm

  10. oops–I thought my post didn’t take the first time–sorry for the double post (at least I did it right the second time!)

    Comment by Heather — July 30, 2008 @ 5:02 pm

  11. Yes, I was a big fan as a teenager and have been thinking it deserves another chance. One thing that I think would make an interesting format is to ditch the wandering moon device and keep the action set entirely within our solar system. Set the series enough in the future so that the moonbase is but one of many outposts in the solar system, and is kind of the “Ponderosa Ranch” for exploration and drama. Mining colonies, private settlements and science stations would feature, but the political context of a future spacefaring human civilization would fuel the story arcs.

    Comment by Michael Dudley — August 11, 2008 @ 11:29 am

  12. I have very fond memories of this show, and I like some of your ideas, but why make Koenig a lunatic? He’s a central character, so why would anybody want to watch him fall to pieces? It was uncomfortable enough during the original show when everybody thought he was nuts in certain episodes. I think a better plot would be to deepen the relationships between the characters, have Helena & Koenig be married or at least living together, and see more of the secondary characters.

    Comment by Molly — September 2, 2008 @ 3:59 pm

  13. Oh, and I meant to add this: aint no “dark side” of the moon. The moon rotates in orbit, so there isn’t a side that permanently faces away from the sun, and Harlan Ellison should have known better! :)

    Comment by Molly — September 2, 2008 @ 4:01 pm

  14. …or alternately, if there is some plausible way to blast the moon out of orbit, it would of course take decades just to drift out of the solar system. Make that the new “purpose” for the journey through space: exploring our own neighbourhood.

    Comment by Michael Dudley — September 3, 2008 @ 12:39 pm

  15. Fans can dream but a remake or reimagining of “Space 1999” will never happen. For one, that would require someone old enough in Hollywood to remember the show. The general consensus was the show was not that great or memorable. Seeing as a kid, it fired up my imagination. Though I see many of its flaws now as an adult, I also see many things that do work or could be improved on. The concept of a moonbase (not the premise of how the moon was blasted out of orbit) but the idea of people living on the moon is a fascinating subject. Done right, a remake would surprise many people.

    Comment by Mario — December 19, 2008 @ 3:49 am

  16. I don’t like numbers 3 and 4…bad idea.

    I also don’t like the shapeshifter nemesis idea as this will IMMEDIATELY be compared to the Changelings in Deep Space Nine. I agree they should have a continuing menace of some kind.

    Other than that — I love your ideas!

    I would keep the “Mysterious Unknown Force” idea that was developed in Year One — the implication that something was watching over them…or that they had some great destiny awaiting them.

    One thing I would do is have more aliens that are NOT humanoid. With CGI, ANY kind of alien is possible…a new “1999″ should explore that.

    I would tie “Project 1999″ into something connected to S.H.A.D.O.W. from Gerry Anderson’s UFO. That way, if the new “1999″ is successful then you could do UFO as a prequel (As it was originally planned to be).

    There’s a WEALTH of potentially great stories here.

    Comment by Commissioner Simmonds — January 21, 2009 @ 12:08 pm

  17. If you really like the old show, why are you trying to remake it into just another cheap piece of Hollywood scifi trash? Keep the wonderful, restrained British tone of the series and add a modern update. The idea to make more use of the secondary characters and to explore the possibilities of a Moonbase Beta and Theta are very good. HOWEVER, making Koenig a flake would be the cheapest blow imaginable, and don’t make Maya into just another starlet sexpot. And for the sake of the MUF, why must there be ‘answers’ to everything? That’s just bloody Star Trek-ism.

    Perhaps it’s for the best the show NOT be remade if this is its fate.

    Comment by S99fan — February 23, 2009 @ 8:22 pm

  18. What if 1999 was the number of staff on the moonbase when it goes awol?

    Comment by Steve Bruns — March 28, 2009 @ 4:51 pm

  19. Space 1999 doesn’t have to be remade or changed. It was a show of the 70s, so you had to be there. Back then, was much different then now. There was no blood, guts or boobs…(maybe a bit of cleavage). It’s not like today where you have big budgets, computers, graphic animator etc. Even on thier 1st show Breakaway, they only had 2 eagles.
    I liked season 1. There were more people on the set, the command center was different. It seemed like Alan and Victor had roles. Season 2, we lost Paul as well as Victor and there was too much of Maya – sometimes, I wondered why she didn’t morp into something or I wondered how she’d morp into a plant, or a rock….but hey, it was a kids show – so anything is possible.
    With shows like Star Trek, Gillians Island, BeWitched, Partridge Family, Brady Bunch, Hogans Heros, this Sci Fi rocked.

    Comment by violajamison — May 17, 2009 @ 10:12 pm

  20. My favourite programme of all time but the more ‘british’ feel in series 1 was definately the best as far as I’m concerned. I know it’s science fiction but it should still be believable – a point that seemed to be lost in series 2. Koneig breakdown…..I’m with Molly here….don’t mess with the Commander…..lets get him together with Dr Russell and see their true relationship develop. Develop characters like Kano, Sandra and Alan to name and lets watch as they all rise to the challenges they face ……did anyone else notice that if a new character suddenly appeared at the beginning of an episode you just knew that they would end up dead by the end of that
    episode…. !! BRING BACK SPACE 1999 ….Oh I know this won’t really happen but how I wish it was possible…….

    Comment by Ally — June 2, 2009 @ 6:46 am

  21. I whole heartedly agree. We have some very sharp up and comers in movie industry that are rebooting some oldies with amazing results. Sure, when I was a kid growing up in the 70’s I was blown away by 1999 and UFO. The looks of those shows were unique, much related to Rudi Gernreich’s costumes.
    At the time, I ate up the second season due to Maya changing into plastic and fiberglass monsters! Now as I am older and have caught the occasional episode here and the, the stories from the first season were far better written and acted.
    If you ever get a chance to catch the first season episode ‘The Troubled Spirit’ it is pure genius. The haunting sitar music lays the foundation for a
    ghost story line none other!

    This show in the right hands can be a ground breaking remake.

    Comment by David Dutka — June 28, 2009 @ 12:36 am

  22. Great Idea’s! I’ve had a few too… 2099 five or more bases on the moon, 2 american, 1 russian, 1 chinese, 1 international (Alpha)are swept up in a cosmic thread that is attracked to the nuclear waste. The moon is ripped from orbit, some of the waste explodes damaging all of the bases. The chinese evacuate their base and as they try to reach earth, we see massive distruction like in the movie 2012. The leader of the internation base, Alpha is killed, the main leader of the heavily damaged american base takes over (Alpha) but then cracks and falls apart. A young Commander Koenig of the heavily damaged 2nd american base takes over, his cowboy ways do not win him many fans at Alpha, but he finds ways to lead and find answers. The space thread/warp would be attracked to planetary systems on a regually scheduled event. Entering some of these systems would be hazardous to the moon and people there. Meteor showers, graviational problems etc… Plus having other nations on the moon for internal problems. Just as one side would get the upper hand, bam something happens. Having 5-8 different bases, some abandoned…what better way to replace that “Eagle 1” that was just destroyed! A base that seems to have the upper hand, best conditions, then bam! damaged and in desparate need of help. Half way through, an earth type planet is found, some colonize it and the people who remain on the moon find that would have been a better choice than to stay on the moon. The journey would then continue.

    Comment by marek — September 27, 2009 @ 11:31 am

  23. Space:1999 wasn’t canceled because of poor ratings. It was a big hit back in its day. Lew Grade, the British owner of Independent Television Corporation funded the episodes but was a bit fickle. After two years of supporting Space:1999 he decided to make movies, so the next year he put his money into “Raising the Titanic” instead, leaving sci fi fans very disappointed.

    There is now an enhanced version of Space:1999 in the works– Space:2099 which is the original show with upgraded special effects like what has been done recently with Star Trek TOS. It isn’t official because it hasn’t been produced by a large company, but it is being done by industry professionals who are fans of the show. Until it is accepted by the owners of Space:1999 it won’t be released on DVD, but there is a web site about it.

    Comment by Mark — October 6, 2009 @ 1:31 am

  24. Does the show deserve another chance? Of course it does – just stick on the DVDs of the first series and absorb it. (The second series you can take or leave…) It’s the most awe-inspiring tv show of all time. Every idea I’ve ever heard suggested for a “remake” consists of trying to change the show into something it isn’t – something more like the usual American genre shows, rather than the wonderful unique experience the original was. We should accept it and celebrate for everything it was, not try and make it into something else. Just go and make an original show if that’s your intention.

    Regarding suggestion no. 10 – you did actually see the show, right? The purpose of their journey through space was explained in the show – see the episodes “Collision Course” and “The Testament of Arkadia” – there are your answers right there.

    Comment by Andrew Kearley — October 24, 2009 @ 4:46 pm

  25. All these ideas, well frankly, they’re horrible. Rubbish. Too Star Trek-y. You’re losing the feel of Year One. I do agree that the supporting cast should be given bigger roles, and they did have some big parts in a few episodes, but the rest of the ideas are irrational and reused. It is true that how the Moon left our orbit is, well, bad, but it symbolizes the downfall and mistakes of man, which is what a lot of people believe Year One was trying to get across to the viewer. And giving people illnesses? Well then they wouldn’t hold such important positions, much less even be on the base. And what you did with Bergman’s and Maya’s character…that’s just wrong.

    Comment by Alexander — February 14, 2010 @ 9:47 pm

  26. Ok, I just recently came across this post and I like it. But instead of having the moon blasted out of orbit by nuclear waste, you could have them transposed every 1999 hours.
    Imagine the crew was working on some type of instantaneous travel that got out of control. Too dangerous to experiment on the earth so the moon was chosen but the experiment went wrong and now every 1999 hours they blink to another unknown location, another adventure…….I like that.

    As far as the moon base alpha number 7 reason, you could have a few bases on the moon that turn into rival factions with differing ideas on how to proceed, fighting over resources, politics, guerilla style invasions and a tidy but uneasy peace somewhere down the road.

    As far as a purpose for their journey, there is never one given. I think that would make for some compelling sci-fi. We as an audience assume that they want to go home, and you can milk that for a couple of seasons until it becomes apparent that they will keep wondering the universe every 1999 hours. It would be sad but the Alphans would be like a fairy tale other races warned their young about…”Don’t be like the Alphans who lost their home and have to forever venture the cosmos bacause they got to big for their britches”
    Many themes and warnings could be explored in this “Re-imaging”- the coldness of space as someone is too late to get back to the base and left in the void–How people don’t change as they fight for the petty things of life, heroes forged in difficult circumstances while others crack under pressure in surprising ways……
    All in all I think it could be redone or re-imagined and done well

    Comment by Viscera — July 18, 2010 @ 11:38 pm

  27. I am a South African fan that first experienced this series dubbed in one of our local languages, Afrikaans (daughter of Dutch)and was mesmerised by the slow mysterious mood, the long emphasis on technology and Space scenes, as well as a scare factor that had a profound effect on me as a small child. The music was great and it, along with STAR WARS, made me aware of film scoring as a musical genre. If a remake was possible, these elements must remain, such as the space scenes, but let’s focus on the BATTLE STAR GALACTICA REIMAGINED style of minimal Hollywood sfx, adding some gritty reality to space travel, and not a STAR WARS whooshy flyby.

    I think more and more people are tuning into new age philosphies all the time, so the intelligent storylines can still be applied, just a little less sexy than BSG, please. The unknown force approach will be a great recurring thread, but let us challenge old time religions intelligently, not like BSG that borderlined on pure blasphemy (A sexy angel that had to totally seduce to achieve a goal?)Or a new awareness of a cosmic Creator idea is just what we need… What better place to find God than in the vast mysterious infinity of Space.

    Comment by andre — July 29, 2010 @ 9:01 am

  28. I’m currently watching the 1st season of Space 1999 via Netflix. At 42, I definitely remember watching repeats of the program in the early ’80s, though I was too young to watch it when it originally broadcast. I’m stroking nostalgia here, and didn’t expect much from the program. But I do like it.

    Here are a few different ideas for a revival of the program:

    Title: Space 2099

    Concept: Humanity is just taking its first steps toward living in space. There is a large base on the moon for Helium 3 mining. There are large rotating space stations around the Earth and Mars. About ten to fifteen thousand people have migrated to space. However, instead of a calamity happening on the moon – blasting it out of orbit into space – instead the Earth has a catastrophe, such as a nuclear war or a massive asteroid hit. The few remaining human beings alive in space must now survive without any future supplies from Earth. Each group of people on the various space stations and on the moon will form cliques with varying political alliances. Instead of unity, the vastness of space breeds differentiation and suspicion.

    From this starting point we retain the survivalism of the original program while ditching its ridiculous precepts of the moon traveling through interstellar space. It becomes focused not on meeting weird aliens and surviving the unknowns of space, but instead on the known dangers of human stupidity and selfishness. Which, I might add, is exactly what made the new Battlestar Galactica so good. Not because of its high production standards and expensive special effects, but because the writers took many risks with dark characterization that is still rare in film today.

    Comment by blahblahgurgleblegblah — August 10, 2010 @ 11:01 am

  29. Traveling through the galaxy on the Moon has to be believable on its own terms for a re-imagined Space: 1999 to work. How about if an alien is interrupted while installing a device on Alpha’s nuclear power plant. The device cannot be removed and eventually malfunctions, causing the Moon to jump from orbit to somewhere instead of its original destination–maybe the Moon has something that the aliens want, only now the alien is trapped with the Alphans on the Moon as it jumps from one place to another.

    The Alphans and the alien don’t trust each other, but they tolerate each other. The alien character’s purpose is to observe and comment on humanity.

    Also, do it Ron D. Moore style: make Victor Bergman a girl–Victoria Bergman.

    Comment by Gary — October 11, 2010 @ 4:51 pm

  30. I should add this device makes the Moon jump every 24 hours–or whatever interval–it needs to be long enough for interesting stories to occur before the Moon jumps. Maybe the device is attracted to objects with large mass, so we find ourselves near a planet every week.

    Comment by Gary — October 11, 2010 @ 4:58 pm

  31. A Remake of the Space 1999 series would be accepted even by those not familiar with the old series. I agree year one was more worth watching than season 2. A shape shifting Maya? Dumb idea she was simply a thrown in to appease young boys as a slot to have us not remember the Professor Victor Bergman and even had her not have do much more than simply be a sex object was kind of insulting when it was clear she had a brain in her head. The planet of the week routine not very plausible if they were going that fast it would mean they were going through a warp after every episode how was the moon to get into orbit and they explore a planet if that often happened the eagles were not fast and had short range that was made fact during the opening episode. If the series was to be in the Science fiction-realm of having aliens rather than humans than they need to appear alien other than episode Dragon’s Domain all the aliens seemed to be guys strolling around in weird stupid costumes with bad makeup kind of reminded me of Star Trek The Next Generation… BORING! The survival of the inhabitants of Moon Base Alpha has to seem like a crisis in the series this was hinted at but never fully realized even if the moon didn’t break up when the disaster occurred there has to be a plausible explanation not the typical Trek solution they didn’t have unlimited resources even if they had mining abilities on the moon it would still take time to manufacture what they needed a couple of episodes could make this a factor in the new series assuming it were ever made. I hope if they ever decide to make a remake it’s ending is not stupid as the new Battlestar Galactica was throwing out all their technology to go back the way of the caveman was a terrible idea that clearly made no sense! I hope if anyone is actually reading [deciding to email me] this deciding to do a remake they consider what the fans think, but keep it real as with the new Batman movies did instead of making it campy keep it mature for our sakes and not a cheap Diseny money grab for five year old’s!

    Comment by Raymond St. Paul — December 16, 2010 @ 11:29 am

  32. I pretty much disagree with all your “10 things”. You’ve pretty much re-invented the re-envisioned BattleStar Galactica. Giving diseases and mental illnesses isn’t something to relate too except for the sick among us. Victor Bergman as a double agent? for who exactly? The new series ( Space:2099) should explore the human condition–our faults and weakness when confronted with the unknown and steer clear of the “Monster of the week” syndrome. In “Star Trek” we were too advanced and everything had an explanation or scientific solution. Space (year 1) excelled in exploring ‘faith’ and metaphysics — we (humans) fought hard as Alphans but lets face it, tech alone is no salvation. Afterall–it was the technology of nuclear waste disposal and Metaprobe politics (funding and finance) that caused the moon to be ripped away. In other words, our collective failings.

    Comment by joe — February 17, 2011 @ 6:15 pm

  33. I hope they do remake Space:1999 it was awesome scifi show :)). I think title would be Space:2099 (like few others have suggest) and also there would be few other big moonbases for example like Alpha, Delta and Omega. These moonbases are own by big competing mining companies which are like a state of war with each others (industrial espionage, sabotage and conflicts) this would add some drama and tension among the humans in the moon. Then one of the moonbases find some old mysterious alien device in the mines and begin to research it and then something goes wrong (maybe other moonbases agent will cause it accidental???). Which slingshot or transport whole moon across the galaxy causing great damage (mining material and waste triggers HUGE explosion) in the moon destroying at least one of the moonbase and damaging two others (other one would be of course Alpha but it would be saved from the worst). It forces two remain moonbases to cooperate with each others at the beginning, but would still cause tension and problems until they meet first problems from the outer space and it finally will unite the humans under the Alphas commander Koenig. So this way i see new Space:2099 :D don’t know how you guys would dig it :P.

    Sorry for the typos))

    Comment by Kahko — August 13, 2011 @ 5:37 pm

  34. space 1999 should be remade..but the date when we went back to the moon. fast forward to 2099 and enviroment factor causes the moon to fastly leave earth’s way headed out. take the old eagles ships and have the rebel lead actor trying to keep it going but have new redesign ships (such as new Battlestar Galictica show). I have more thoghts on plots reveal later…

    Comment by Deadlinerd3 — September 9, 2011 @ 10:07 pm

  35. Space 1999 was definitely my favorite show when I was a kid.It had its flaws like the original Star Trek did (Poor special effects, especially “monsters”) but of all sci-fy show it was by far the most realistic (especially season 1). If a remake would be done, it would have to be similar as J.J.Abrams remake of Star Trek: Re-freshed. Most of the ten ideas, I disagree with. I like realism and think that Space 1999 is in the same line as 2001and 2010 (although story is quite stupid in the later) Alien, Solaris and Red Planet. Interesting to see on a big screen what life could be in space. I think that to add charcter flaws on the pillars of the show is just plain silly. I for one, detest the new BSG. To bring more filt into a show, is not improvement. You need original ideas and models/characters that are inspiring. Make a show where all your main actors are crippled or have diseases and you’ll have nobody watching. The idea of putting nuclear waste on the moon was a very believable one then and still would be a practical one today (instead of burrying it in the earth’s, underground as we have been doing for decades now). Maybe the way to refresh Space 1999 would be to start with The Movie and then see what happens. Concerning Maya, I have to agree that the character was akward and the show would have been better without her (fell into fantasy instead of being realistic much like old Star Trek).

    Comment by Mgagne69 — December 9, 2011 @ 1:20 pm

  36. Look, before you write an article like this, understand the material . Space:1999 IS currently being reimagined (do a Jace Hall search). Clearly you are a casual viewer and have missed the magnificence of the series first 24 episodes. Do you even know or recognize the M.U.F.? Doesnt seem to be as you make no mention of it in your reimagining. You have a stunningly superficial understanding of this series.

    Comment by Rich West — September 30, 2013 @ 7:12 pm

  37. Joe – I disagree with your disagreement!

    Comment by Roger Worsley — May 11, 2017 @ 10:55 am

  38. You don’t regard UFO as a major Science Fiction television series? Even though Space:1999 was originally developed from mthe plans for a second season of UFO?

    By the way, If anyone is interested, I have been working on a wikia for Space:1999.

    Comment by Roger Worsley — May 11, 2017 @ 10:58 am

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