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‘Lost’ Season 5 Finale Discussion: Let Your Theories Fly!
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I’m going to hit this one off immediately: if you have not seen the Lost season 5 finale yet, stop reading right here! If you’ve not see Lost at all, stop reading NOW! This is, in many people’s (including myself), one of the greatest shows ever made; it is also one that requires that you watch it from season 1, episode 1 straight through. The front end will be without worry, but once you click to the second half of this piece, nothing is sacred.

Before getting into it, let me just say that this was one of the best season finales I’ve ever seen. It had its areas of question that I wasn’t a big fan of, as I’m sure was the same for many people, but overall, it was intense and emotional and just blow-your-mind good. Lost‘s typical recipe is to have a smaller twist before the title sequence, and then a big twist ending point. In this finale, it seemed like every freakin’ commercial break had a twist to preface it. The entire two hours, my brain was moving and I was re-visiting old episodes and situations and trying to put the pieces together. I plan on watching this thing at least two more times — maybe even more if I start to miss it in the painful wait to 2010 and the beginning of the final season. I’m still not even recovered from the Battlestar Galactica series finale and another is already on its way.

Click over for a brief recap and my own wacky thoughts on what might be happening on the island. And again, spoilers are waiting on the other side, so consider yourselves warned. From here on out it is all fair game.

SO, last night was the big finale, and a doozy it was. Entering the episode, the two biggest mysteries that had yet to be uncovered on the show were of course the infamous and unseen Jacob; as well as that damn four-toed statue. Within moments of the show’s start, we knew that both of these mysteries were coming to the party, and that we were in for something special.

To go along with the flashbacks of Jacob and giving us a small amount of insight into him, we also had the show’s two main storylines running parallel. In 1977, Jack was on a mission of destiny to detonate the hydrogen bomb and reset time — with hopes of deleting any of them ever even crashing on the island — while Sawyer, Juliette, and Kate on their own mission to stop him; their thoughts being more of the realistic type, figuring that an exploding hydrogen bomb just kills every single person there. In what we assume is the present day, Locke, Ben, and Richard lead a mob to find Jacob to kill him.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get to the good stuff. If you’re still reading here, I’m assuming you watched and have your own thoughts to share, so I’ll just share what I think might be going on before unleashing all of you to voice your crazy thoughts.

The colossal occurrences in the episode’s grand finale were as follows: While a 1977 OK Corral-esque gun fight unfolds, Jack finally gets to the shaft and drops the bomb (after pause for dramatic effect, of course), which is rigged to detonate on impact. For some reason, the bomb doesn’t go off and the powerful magnetic field begins pulling everything toward it. In the commotion, Juliette finds herself dangling over the shaft, hanging on to Sawyer for dear life. Unfortunately, she has a chain wrapped tightly around her, and is pulled away into a long fall. On the other side, Locke and Ben reach Jacob, and after a short chat, Ben — feeling under-appreciated by Jacob after all his years of service to the island — stabs Jacob multiple times and kicks him into the fire. This is immediately followed by some of Jacob’s acolytes showing Richard that the contents of a large box they’ve been carrying is actually the body of John Locke that was loaded onto the plane, and which we thought had been resurrected by the island. They close off the show with Juliette, badly injured from her fall, but not dead. She sees the bomb laying near her, grabs a piece of debris, and begins screaming and hammering the bomb until we see a bright flash of light and the show ends with the title as usual, but this time the background is white, not black as it has always been.

This is where you could hear brains popping across the country. Hell, I even heard some pop at 2AM when the west coast airing concluded.

Here’s what I think of the whole dance. First of all, the hydrogen bomb: we were told that there was a chance that detonating this bomb would reset everything and Oceanic flight 815 would land safely in L.A. with all of our characters getting off and going about their lives without ever meeting each other. While that sounds like a happy-yet-bittersweet sacrificial ending, we have to keep in mind that there is still one more season, so that happening is not a likely scenario. My guess is that the explosion reset things, but not completely. As they said many times in the episode, “what’s done is done,” so stopping the hatch from being built wasn’t likely. Because of this, I believe that everyone who was stuck in 1977 will have been catapulted back to present day, where they will be able to reunite with Sun, Richard, Ben, and whatever the hell is happening with Locke. In regards to Locke, the only thing that I can think of is that maybe Jacob has the ability to replicate or some kind of Heroes-like power. I’m not sure that I like that idea, but it would mean that he made himself look like Locke, lead Ben and the others to kill “Jacob,” which will end up being a replication of himself.

It seems hard to believe that Jacob would appear and be killed so quickly, but he did say “They are coming” before being kicked into the fire, so who knows. “They” likely refers to Charles Widmore, OR there’s a whole new dangerous faction that will be introduced. There’s an off chance that the man Jacob was with at the very beginning of the episode may come into play, or maybe the pirate ship that was on its way, but I doubt that. I believe that Richard came in on that pirate ship, but that’s about it.

That’s where we are in this crazy and brilliant island adventure.

Now for the good stuff. I want what all of you think is going on. The best thing about shows like this is: When you watch them, you develop your own thoughts on where things are heading. So while I have my own, that means millions of others have them as well — some may be odd, some may be brilliant, but which ones are correct.

Hit us with your best theories below, and discuss away.


  1. I thought the fake Locke was not Jacob but that guy from the start who said to Jacob he was gonna kill him one of these days…so looks to me like Jacob had a contender for his throne, like the devil trying to get Gods throne????

    Comment by Kevin — May 14, 2009 @ 10:09 pm

  2. fake locke = smoke monster = guy from the 1st scene that wants to kill jacob

    Comment by gman — May 14, 2009 @ 11:42 pm

  3. The fake Locke has to be that guy from the begining that was sitting with Jacob…watch the begining of the first part and when they are talking the guy tells Jacob that he will find a loophole ti kill Jacob one day…the last scene, Jacob says to Locke that he must have found the loophole…

    Comment by Chuck — May 15, 2009 @ 1:42 am

  4. Yeah, MovieGod, how can you think the duplicate Locke is Jacob man? Jacob says to him “you finally found your loophole” which the other dude at the start was saying he was trying to find.

    My bet, as it has been since season one with “Adam and Eve” the Island is the Garden of Eden or something. Jacob is God, the dude in black is Satan and Locke is a reincarnation of Satan. Black and White are fighting each other and this theme has been around since the Locke backgammon thing in S1 or S2 (can’t remember).

    Comment by cc — May 15, 2009 @ 2:25 am

  5. There’s a very good breakdown of the episode with some pretty sound theories about what it all means to be found at the following link …

    Comment by Tim Wilson — May 15, 2009 @ 5:41 am

  6. Richard is the Captian of the Black Rock. (EyeLine)

    The Man who threatened to Kill Jacob was not a man, He was the smoke Monster.
    John Locke is dead, the Smoke Monster is Pretending to be John.

    ‘Only the Leader, can Kill Jacob.’ Ben is tricked into doing it, by John(Ol`Smokie)
    This is the Loop Hole, spoken of by Jacob.

    Jacob Was possibly testing Ben`s Loyalty, So he must have a way back form the dead or he`s not dead.
    Ben was saved at the Temple, which is Smoke’s domain, not Jacob`s. Just Speculation, but maybe this closes the Loop Hole.

    Also, if it rounds it out better, Richard became the Leader, Smoky tried to trick him after he comes a shore back when he was captain of the Black Rock, he stays loyal to Jacob and is rewarded with Long, Long life.

    Comment by Thinker — May 15, 2009 @ 8:06 am

  7. The other guy in the beginning was definitely “Locke” at the end. But I’m thinking that perhaps Jacob is the devil. However, there is a huge mythos going on here, especially regarding Egyptian mythology. The statue is holding an anke and looks very much like an Egyptian god. The anke stands for eternal life. Hmmmm….there’s definitely something of the immortals-playing-with-mortals going on here. But for what purpose, we have yet to find out.

    Also, these two men could also be from the future. Jacob definitely has his hands on the destiny of these people. It you noticed, he touched everyone he met, with the exception of Hurley. Hurley was also the only one he talked to about the island. So, is Hurley actually the pivotal character in this story?

    If you remember, Miles stated that perhaps the bomb was exactly what happened before, causing the event which eventually caused the plane to crash and that Jack is just keeping with the time line by setting off the bomb.

    I can’t wait to see where this goes! I agree that this was the best finale yet. It was nice to see Sawyer’s grief. That was such a humbling moment.

    Comment by soma — May 15, 2009 @ 8:22 am

  8. The bomb amplifies the electromagnetic pocket’s energy and in turn upon detonation returns all those in 1977 to the present. Remember when Desmond turned the fail safe key in the hatch and woke up in the jungle naked. Same thing happens again. Miles was right when he said the bomb is the incident because Daniel’s mom was right. She sent her son back knowing that he is what will cause her to help Jack in detonating the bomb because if she doesn’t kill him then there is no motive and convincing her would be quite difficult. She sent him knowing that this is his destiny or in other words the only way to maintain this existing time line and avoid creating a separate one.

    As for the Jacob/Locke/Ben ClusterF*** I believe that Jacob is the good and his friend from the beginning of the show is the evil. I believe that Jacob kept evil at bay this whole time and that is why we see the end screens in black suggesting that the black is what is causing all these events. When the show ended we see the white screen meaning the balance has shifted and now the white team aka “good guys” is fast approaching and they are the driving force with Fake Locke/Jacob’s Enemy keeping “them” (They are coming) at bay. The final season will reveal how Jacob and his friend came to be and whether they are Gods/Satan as some have suggested or maybe they hopped on to this island and learned some ancient secrets. I believe that Jacob’s Enemy’s mission began with Richard Alpert bringing Ben to the Temple, he was the perfect candidate to help carryout his mission against Jacob which would confirm the Smoke Monster theory he “fixed” him but in return the other’s knew that he would be a good leader but shall never meet Jacob in fear that he might kill him.

    The good guys will be 815 crew and the new recruits along with Richard Alpert who will rise up against Jacob’s Enemy and defeat him. Richard will be promoted to Jacob’s role and Jack/Sawyer will take on Richard’s role. We get a new set of others ala Battlestar Galactica “all this has happened before and all this will happen again” note the statement Jacob’s enemy makes at the beginning “always ends the same,” with destruction and corruption”. But I guess Jacob brings people to the island as a test sort of like a mini world as in some religious teachings that we are brought on this world as a test of faith or in lost terms destiny.

    Comment by They are Coming — May 15, 2009 @ 9:50 am

  9. I too have to believe that the ‘Locke’ replica is the guy from the beginning. Highly likely Ol’ Smokey! But the hostiles have lived in the jungle for so long on Ol’ Smokey territory it would have been simple for it to take them all out if they are Jacobs people. PLus this talk of loopholes? I am unsure as to why Ol’ Smokey, ‘Locke’ replica or the guy from the beginning need a loophole in order to kill Jacob? The biggest questions i have are:
    1. Who is Jacob?
    2. Who is his ‘Friend/Murderer’?
    3. Who is Richard?
    4. Can JJ. Abrams, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindoff actually end Lost?
    (By this i mean, that this show has become so amazing and popular that despite the fact some people might not like the ending of the series, it still has to be amazing. Purgetory, Heaven, Hell, Dream Sequence, alternate reality/timeline etc. will just not cut it.) Where is Seanie B when you need him!?

    Comment by RJW1984 — May 15, 2009 @ 9:55 am

  10. Based on the logic of television dramaturgic storytelling, the pseudo-Locke has to be Jacob’s antagonist in the prologue sequence of Wednesday’s 2-hour season finale, and he manipulated Ben,Richard, and the Others to access Jacob’s lair in order to fulfill his threat to kill Jacob.

    Jacob’s spinning of the loom suggests the Greco-Roman Fates who direct or control the destiny of man by weaving and cutting the cloth to determine birth, aging and death(this accounts for Jacob’s role in (and lieral touching of) the lives of Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Hurley, and Jin and Sun, and the broader determinative role of the Island in the characters’ “destinies.”
    Jacob’s opposite number is Death or some other metaphysically significant presence. The Ankh is an Egyptian symbol of life. The gigantic statue holding the Ankh appears to be the jackal-headed god of mummification, and the dead on their path through the underworld.
    I agree that the ship which Jacob and his antagonist were watching is the Black Rock, and that Richard was aboard the vessel when it arrived on the Island, whether as captain or crewmember.
    The H-Bomb detonation probably returns our heroes fromn 1977 to 2007 since there is another season to go. Miles’ theory about the explosion causing the crash of the passenger jet and destruction of the Anubis statue is plausible albeit paradoxical given that the status quo story is that the catastrophic breakup of the plane was caused by Desmond’s tragic failure to timely type the sequence of numbers in the computer which regulated the Island’s electromagnetic energies.

    Comment by Maurice Kane — May 15, 2009 @ 10:11 am

  11. My Idea:
    first of all I would say the head is from the crocodile god Sobek but looks more like Sobek (god of life) than anubis to me IMHO
    1. Its a confrontation between good and evil… so since Egyptians, two gods: Sobek (crocodile, god of life, jacob, white guy, only one with statue… lol) and Anubis (dog, god of death, other guy in black, pissd for not having statue) live in this island… as in many cultures / Ideas, a god cant kill a god, so they need humans to do it…
    thats why jacob kept resurrecting locke, healing the girl (seemed to have leprosy or something), and doing stunts involving life (saving Sayid, 2 bad for the girl), cuz he needed them in the island, but for good things, always the other guy has been leading people to believe HE WAS Jacob but noooooooo… Jacob doesnt even bother on those things… just in good things
    2. since the beggining we get the notion that anubis wants to kill jacob and hes been tryin for ages, but always happens a cycle that brings life to the isle (sobek must feel lonely), jacob make ppl come to isle, and they always get killed (they fight and corrupt)…
    3. finally the cycle breaks because Jacob has 2 much faith in locke, and anubis dude uses that to meddle with poor old left behind ben so he can kill jacob (human kills god)
    4. on the event I have serious doubts but I concur that like desmondo being teleported they get somewhere else, they dont die in the blast… anyone remembers hurley and sawyer finding a van with a skeleton of lafleur with a bunch of beers? my guess is sawyer stayed there, kept on the dahrma and died drunk feeling alone :(
    so they get misplaced all over time and space, bomb destroys statue and half isle, splitting it in 2 maybe??? cuz never heard in 1977 of 2 islands… and noone (but phill impaled) dies really, the bomb gets blasted away by the EMP field that renders it inoperable and the cycle contiunes till anubis gets in the shape of locke and makes ben kill jacob
    phew… thats it
    must see all 5 seasons again to connect the dots… for example always have wondered whos the old black guy in tuxedo appearing… is it the little black kid older?? theres not much black cast in the show…
    also why Illana is so knowing of all… is she from the past 2 like Ricardo??? (Richard in english, so he mustve come in black rock, I agree with Maurice Kane)
    lotsostufffffff !!! GIMME MORE
    one more thing
    I read somewhere that there would only be 5 seasons!!!! NO MORE… so theres going to be a movie???? to end it all??? or a season 6?????????????
    damn u JJ
    may anubis get ur guts if u dont give us a nice ending

    OH AND PLEASE NOT A “NOTHING HAPPEND” ENDING if the blast corrects everything or Ill hunt u down…

    Comment by Me — May 15, 2009 @ 2:18 pm

  12. OK, I will admit, everyone’s right about the dude from the beginning being Locke. My brain was all mushy and the opening conversation had slipped out of my head and fallen on the floor!

    I do like the thought that he’s the smoke monster, too. That makes a lot of sense (he did appear to Ben as Alex), so good call to whomever pinned that first.

    Another theory I’ve been seeing that would be interesting is: instead of the bomb putting them all back in 2007, what if it puts them at the start, in who knows what time frame the beginning of the finale took place, where Jacob, the “Man in Black,” and Richard first come together.

    Ooh, ooh, ooh, here’s one: They’re vampires!


    Comment by The Movie God — May 15, 2009 @ 2:44 pm

  13. Alright…Kudos to ‘Me’ who identified the statue as Sobek. I also picked up on the statue of the crocodile god, who by the way, is also the Egyptian god of fertility and rebirth…in the present the statue was broken which could be indicative of why the pregnant women on the island always died after giving birth. How that statue got broken, we have yet to find out. An interesting theory I had about the characters on the show is that what if this is more than just a feud between ancient rivals? What if the key players in the show are also reincarnates of other figures in ancient mythological history that are somehow drawn back to the island to fulfill their ‘purpose’? In Egyptian mythology, there are many stories told of parent/child/sibling relationships. In Lost, there are also a number of key players with parent/child/sibling relationships. Eloise/Charles/Daniel/Penny, Christian/Jack/Claire/Aaron, Dr. Chang/Miles, etc. Each of these characters have extreme significance, or abilities, like Miles and his connection to the spirit world for example. I am inclined to think that the connection between all of these people and the rest of the characters on the island is a clue that maybe these people have been reincarnated and drawn back together throughout history whether they are powerful/mortal or not. Otherwise why wouldn’t they just be some random strangers who just happened to walk onto a plane? The island picked them for a reason, most of them have a ‘purpose’, whether they were meant to live or not. I just started thinking about this so I haven’t completely thought it through, but after reading up on Sobek and some other ancient Egyptian figures, some things seem to click a little bit. Rivalry, deceit, jealousy, scandal, struggle for power, and family connections are all things Lost and Egyptian Mythology have in common all by themselves. The statue and the temples is what, for me, links Lost with Egyptian mythology. Somewhat makes sense when you figure that when Ben turned the wheel he ended up in the Tunisian Desert which happens to be in…dunt da naaaaa…2 countries away from Egypt. The Nile in Egypt and Tunisia are a similar distance apart as L.A. and Seattle, so it wouldn’t be crazy at all to think that maybe somehow back in the day the Egyptians found the back door to the island and went in the opposite way that Ben came out…and who’s to say that Tunisia was the only back door. Now it’s almost like some stargate type sh*t. My brain hurts and I should probably think more about this before I rattle it off but whatever, if it gives someone else a trigger for better ideas, great. By the way I’m pretty sure the Black Rock ended up on the top of a mountain because it got in the way while the island was busy moving…and Richard was on it. Who knows?

    Comment by Scoob! — May 15, 2009 @ 8:11 pm

  14. I have a few amendments to that…one, I meant Tunisia, not Tunisian Desert…Tunisia happens to be in the Sahara Desert. Oops, my bad. And two, I mentioned the Nile as a point of reference because along the Nile is primarily where civilization settled in Egypt and in that region is where you would find most of the pyramids, temples and ruins and such…

    Comment by Scoob! — May 15, 2009 @ 8:28 pm

  15. @Me….point 4, the van with the beer and dead skeloton was rodger, bens dad, so I doubth Sawyer will have a lame end like that

    Comment by Kevin — May 15, 2009 @ 10:48 pm

  16. Does anyone else remember how Mr. EKO died??
    If you remember him following his brother (who’s dead body was also on the island) into the woods and his brother telling him to repent, which turned out to be a faux as well, EKO then chased him into the jungle… directly to old smokey… which bashed him to death…now whats more interesting is that his last words were to Locke…”Youre next” I believe that the theories stated above about the dude in black and smokey using dead people is accurate…So far we have seen Locke, Alex AND christian all as alive, namely christian who was in “Jacobs cabin” Which was identified in the finale as not being used by Jacob in a long time..

    Comment by scoliosis — May 16, 2009 @ 1:44 am

  17. I agree the unnamed guy (Just b/c their interaction is similar to the biblical Jacob/Eshu story doesn’t means that is who he is) speaking with Jacob is the resurrected John Locke. I don’t agree that he is evil. He was concerned with how violent and destructive “visitors” Jacob brought to the island were. He seemed sad and frustrated with Jacob about his meddling.

    Here’s a theory, instead of that tired old “white good black bad” dynamic what if different organizing systems are in conflict. Jacob seems like a kindly but meddlesome “godlike” essence. A paternalistic figure. But when you mature you resent the paternal and strike off on your own created path. What if the unnamed man who knows Jacob is just representative of a different philosophy, not the representation of evil. Perhaps he represents a more progressive dynamic of man’s place in the chain of being. One which places the responsibility of man’s ascent or descent in his hands, heart and mind not in supernatural beings who think they know what best for man.

    And not the Smoke Monster. I always thought that the Smoke Monster was a physical manifestation of the people’s fear like in the Tempest.

    In Buddhist thought, which has been explored in the Lost series over the years in subtle ways, there is a apt koan which deals with the killing of Jacob: If you see Buddha on the road, kill him. Such a violent act for such a gentle and giving soul why? Because we get lost on our path to enlightenment when we get attached to the outcome of the journey. Seeing the Buddha is the key sign of the delusion of attachment. Just like Ben is attached to his identity as the leader of the island.

    Also Joseph Campbell states that the hero has to come to a point in the journey where he must kill his father/mother/god to move forward. Wasn’t this the test for the real John Locke to become the leader on the island – the task he conned someone else (James) into completing. Ironically John Locke in all his flavors tends to eschew his heroic duty and have another do the deed for him – then take the credit for it. That is the banality of evil to me: to avoid taking necessary action then to thrive of the labors of others like a vampire.

    My favorite hero Arjuna dealt with this dilemma but luckily he had a great teacher to guide him through it.

    I enjoy the interactions between John and Ben. I find annoying the interaction between Juliet and Kate, forever locked in a stupid competition over to decent guys. There’s two men and two women. What’s the difficulty? These two women serve as an example of how confused illogical women are portrayed to be. I wish the women had more interesting drama like the minor characters have. Juliet was interesting when she was a member of the others. She lost her edge when she hooked up with Sawyer. Look at Miles- he gets to interact with the father he thought abandoned him.

    Love the myths.

    musings from the South Bronx, arm me with harmony,

    Comment by RobbidaRobot — May 16, 2009 @ 5:56 am

  18. Locke has tremendous man boobs. Other than that Lost is well… Lost.

    Comment by scrotumbagmonkeyflicker — May 16, 2009 @ 1:07 pm

  19. @scoliosis – Good call, that also makes a lot of sense. Would be interested to see how creepy Walt fit into that deal as well.

    @RobbidaRobot – Knowing the Lost team, I’m expecting it to be what no one expects it to be. But it’s looking more and more like the religious implications are there, whether they’re the answers or not. Jacob and this other guy could just be Jacob and this other guy, but they’re definitely symbolic of something.

    I wonder if Jacob – the “Good” character – keeps bringing people to the island in an attempt to prove that one day, some group of people will not war with these “Others.” That one day the two different civilizations will be able to get through that animalistic side of us that feels we need to defend against those we don’t know before we try and co-exist.

    This is where the other guy – the “Evil” character – tells him it’s not worth it, that it always ends the same, in destruction.

    All very similar to a world we may or may not currently live in. This could all just end up being one six-season long after school special message!

    Comment by The Movie God — May 16, 2009 @ 1:46 pm

  20. Did anyone pick up on the book that Jacob was reading – “Everything that Rises Must Converge” by Flannery O’Connor? Any thoughts?

    Comment by 5DogNite — May 16, 2009 @ 9:19 pm

  21. The stature is the Egyptian goddess Taweret, goddess of fertility. Its destruction is likely the reason women struggle with pregnancy and childbirth on the island.

    Comment by RJW1984 — May 17, 2009 @ 7:04 am

  22. Ethan was born on the island and his mother got pregnant on the island. Maybe the bomb had something to do with the change in why women die on the island if they conceive and give birth there?

    Comment by 5DogNite — May 17, 2009 @ 9:29 am

  23. I thought it was a little simple, and a little bit of a letdown to introduce two characters in the beginning of the finale in order to make sense of Locke’s re-incarnation. I know, I know, “Jacob isn’t a new character!” but we’ve never really seen him or gotten any insight into who he is or why he is, so to me, he’s a new character.

    BUT, my response is on why I think Titus (No-Name) is really Jacob’s son.

    In all sorts of Ancient mythology (and in LOST mythology) fathers have been extremely shitty to their sons. (See: Christian/Jack, Sawyers Murderous Dad/Sawyer, Locke’s Horrible Dad/Locke, Cheech/Hurley, Widmore/Faraday, etc.) In most cases (Lock being the exception….always.) the sons have merely remained a mess after the mental terrorism their fathers inflicted upon them. But, again, Locke takes it a step further. He actually has his father killed. Why? Because HE CAN’T DO IT HIMSELF.

    Now, no-name is pretty much guaranteed to be Smokey, judging by his appearance to Ben as Alex, subsequent decree to “do whatever John Locke says”, and Locke’s disappearance during Ben’s judgement. (Also see Lostpedia’s screen-cap of an olllllld school picture of Anubis and Smokey……Jacob=Anubis, Blackman=Smokey) If that’s the case, then Smokey isn’t some sort of weapon that Jacob/the Island can unleash on the lostaways and others at will. And Smokey is much more than just a defense system for the Island.

    I think that Jacob is the father, and is convinced that humanity has the capicity to change and progress (a very God-Like outlook) and will not threaten paradise (The Island) with ultimate destruction. Jacob brings specific people to the Island as part of his plan to prove this. His son, black-dude/Smokey, thinks that humans will invariably cause chaos and mess the Island up, which is why Smokey has no problem killing the extraneous people (like the pilot in the Pilot) to keep the humans in line. This is also why Blackman/Smokey manifests himself as certain people (Yemi/Eko, Christian/Jack), because it will manipulate those people into doing what he wants them to. It kept Jack unbalanced enough to want off the Island, it lured Eko to his death, and it made Ben do whatever Faux-Locke said. Smokey has been the only tangible part of the Island’s powers-that-be for most of the first 5 seasons, and now that makes sense, as Smokey was manipulating these events in order to find his loophole. (Get Jack and the crew of Jacob’s handpicked minions off the island. Kill Locke. Make Ben think he is no longer the leader. Use Ben to kill Jacob.) The problem lies in Jacob’s counter-moves. Why did the Lostaways flash off Ajira 316, looooonnng after the island started skipping through time? That’s Jacob sending them back. Why did Jacob send them back? Presumably to stop exactly what he knew was going to happen to him…to close the loophole.

    Season 6 is going to start the same way the show did. One eye open, jungle reflected, and chaos on the beach. Why? This time, because Ajira 316 just crashed. And the time travelers will remember everything. It’ll take them half the frakkin’ season to figure out exactly what their destiny is, but once they do, its Blackman vs. Jacob, winner take all.

    Comment by Harrison — May 17, 2009 @ 10:06 am

  24. For anyone who is interested, there is some info here on the book that Jacob was reading when sat on the bench when locke was pushed out of the window:

    Comment by Rachel — May 17, 2009 @ 5:56 pm

  25. First of all, i agree with the whole good vs evil theory. One guess is that the bomb eplosion,meaning the white light (similar to the one when the characters were travelling through time -sound also the same) is going to place the ones stuck in the past to the present.
    In addition, jacob is killed or is exiled off the island (thats why we see him at the flashbacks of his life) and all the time to come the island will be ruled by the other semi-god black dressed guy,one of whose abilitites is being the smoke moster.Also,at the time of his stubbing jacob says they re coming so a wild guess is that the ship coming with jacks father as a captain will cause aarwn’s birth and all the things that happened eventually(everything we ve watched at Seasons 1-4).Therefore, on the years to follow jacob will need richard quitely keeping an eye on things,a task extremely critical;therefore the non-aging part.
    Finally, returning to the present, where everyone will be united again,the characters will somehow ( of course without them knowing-only at the last minute will they grasp what’s at stake) cause jacob’s “resurrection” (something with aarwn perhaps-where at the other side wault trying to stop him) and the final battle will define everything.

    Comment by Sak — May 17, 2009 @ 8:10 pm


    Comment by Juliet Burke Fan — May 18, 2009 @ 5:23 am

  27. I am looking forward to the prospect of Season 6 being a reflection of Season 1, but with the Losties keeping there memories of all thats happened.

    If you listen to the final couple of minutes you’ll notice the sounds like the time skip happening and seeing as the white light was also a significant aspect time skipping i defo believe that the explosion has caused them to travel to time. Also Faraday suggested they be as close as possible to the incident so that they would be contained within the time-skip (my thoughts)

    As for the ‘V’ casting news. I don’t think we will see Juliet for a while, i think she will be like Desmond after he turned the fail safe key, and turn up out of nowhere some time after the Losties. So this shouldn’t really affect her work schedule.

    So much to ponder!

    Also i have to question how smokey is also the ‘dark’ man as Richard and the ‘others’ live in the jungle on Smokeys territory and walk through the underground temple where we know smokey to reside. So, whats with that?


    Comment by RJW1984 — May 18, 2009 @ 6:31 am

  28. I’m beginning to think that this show will end with most everyone dead and a new group of people becoming “Lost.”

    Comment by The Movie God — May 18, 2009 @ 6:27 pm

  29. Another god-like quality of Jacob is he repeated use of the phrase, “You have a choice.” He acknowledges the characters he interacts with have free will. This acknowledgement explains why it was so easy for Ben to kill Jacob.

    Comment by lostisprettygood — May 20, 2009 @ 3:02 am

  30. Did anyone notice when it went fuzzy when john told ben he was the one that had to kill jacob? I’m starting to think jacob is the bad guy and maybe that other guy is the good guy, was reading about jacob from the bible and how he stole his brothers birth right from his brother Esau, kinda reflects a wee bit of lost. just thinking about who was in the hut? if not jacob then maybe the other guy? maybe thats why the ash was around it to keep him trapped cause jacob didnt want him to intervein. why would ben take locke to the hut to see jacob and richard took him staight to the foot? and what about that other group they went to the hut not the foot?

    Comment by Quaid — May 21, 2009 @ 9:54 am

  31. was the statue still intact when they go to meet jacob there? i couldnt remember..and i though that that group was in the present..but if the statue is still not destroyed then that wouldnt be right.. maybe the “incident” at the swan is what destroys the statue.
    the “adam and eve” along with the white and black stones that jack discovers at the beginning of lost was said to be signifigant from some of the producers wayy back then
    RICHARD IS DEFINANTLY A FREAKING PIRATE but smuggling explosives and slaves? i dont get that.
    i like the idea of the statue of sobek being the god of fertility and the destruction of it caused the pregnancy thing to occur that makes alot of sense
    the mysetery man from the beginning is able to use dead bodies somehow..that of locke..alex..christian etc.. but i have no idea how claire fits into that.
    i think that the explosion will just be known as the “incident” daniel thought he was changing the future but he was only continuing it..
    everyone else will blast to where sun ben..and the others are..
    juliet? lets hope shes not dead i didnt like her end..poor sawyer..kate shoulda got dumped in there cuz she gets on my last nerves now.

    Comment by lostinator — May 21, 2009 @ 10:25 am

  32. It’s interesting that Jacob made a positive connection to each person that he met while not on the island, with words of encouragement or helping them in some way. But why did he go to meet all of these people? He chose all of these people to go to the island. But why them? The people aboard the Black Rock are ones that Jacob chose as well. How long has he been doing this for? Is Jacob trying to make a ‘new world’ of the island?

    I like Daniel’s character but his theory that the bomb would negate the energy from the Swan incident must be wrong, as they were ‘chosen’ to go there anyway, so stopping the release of the energy would be pointless. Although maybe not completely wrong as I like the theory that the explosion (if it did detonate) will return Jack etc back to present day. But surely that would be too simple, right? It IS Lost after all! :) I wonder if Jacob chose Daniel too.

    I like the theory that the man in black possessed the body of Locke, it all seems to tie together. Although what I have trouble with is why the man in black didn’t kill Jacob sooner? Why should Locke play a pivotal role in this? Because of Richard’s trust in him? When Richard visited the young Locke, he was found not to be ‘gifted’.

    I still find it interesting about the numbers and Hurley’s ‘luck’. And why is there a wheel to move the island? Who made it? There’s still not enough coverage.

    Research the book that Jacob was reading “Everything that rises must converge” by Flannery O Conner. It actually bears a very close resemblance to the flashback storylines. “expose human weakness and explore important moral questions” “expose the sinful nature of humanity that often goes unrecognized in the modern, secular world.”

    I think that Lost essentially is a story of the good and bad that humans do in the world, but I don’t believe it will reveal any religious connotations except for that what we have already seen with the Egyption artifacts.

    I love Lost, I’ve watched it from day dot right from the very beginning. I’ll be sad when it’s over. I definitely think they will leave us hanging. I just hope series 6 is back to the full length of 24 episodes and not a short 17 again.

    Comment by jane — May 23, 2009 @ 8:34 am

  33. I love lost and i think the final season will be the bomb!

    Comment by winnie — June 4, 2009 @ 8:08 am

  34. If the guy from the beginning is also smokey, then is the way he appears smokeys original form, or the body of somebody else dead on the island? Who is this dead person?

    What is Smokey?

    Comment by Jerry — June 27, 2009 @ 12:50 am

  35. Hello! I know I’m a bit late into this disscussion but there’s two things I’d really like to have answered so I’ll write anyway.

    John Locke was a philosofer during the 17th century and Jeremy Bentham (Lockes second name) was a Utilitarian during the 19th century, why these names?

    Comment by Imlost — November 17, 2009 @ 5:38 pm

  36. 1. Maybe the reason that women can’t give birth to babies is not because of some mythological statue being destroyed. Instead, it is possible that the H-bomb gave the island some radioactive damage in which babies are too weak to survive in that kind of environment?
    2. I think that the guy who wanted to kill jacob became the smoke monster because Jacob killed him. Remember how he used to be in the human body? However in present day he only exists as a smoke. The mythologies in the show are just hidden messages to me, because realistically I don’t think the show will actually use egyptian gods as part of the plot. Just a thought.

    Comment by Lost Fan — January 11, 2010 @ 6:06 am

  37. This show definitely emphasizes on the controversies between religion/spiritual practices and science. One side of the show always gives the scientific cause and effect, while the other side of the show seems to be leading towards a spiritual or religious explanation.

    Comment by Lost Fan — January 11, 2010 @ 6:11 am

  38. Something I have been thinking about. What if the loophole is only the leader can kill Jacob? Now, if the leader can come to power in more then just chosen and raised for the part. What if, as in the case of Widmore, you can usurp and exile the leader, then you take on the role? So we have raised in the position, which both Ben and Locke were not, and banish the old leader. Now, if you kill the old leader, as Ben did, you take the role. The nemisis has used and minipulated Ben to get to a position of leadership again, but not realize it because he thinks Locke is still the leader. But Ben, as the only one who can kill Jacob, has a power he didn’t even know.

    Comment by STYX — February 10, 2010 @ 4:50 pm

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