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New To You: Superman Vs. Hulk: The Fight
Maximus Prime   |  

Superman vs. Hulk

It’s something we’ve all wondered about at some point or another: Who would win in a fight, Superman or The Incredible Hulk?

We all have our theories and the outcome could surely be argued forever until a definitive answer is given; however, thanks to one incredible CGI filmmaker by the name of Michael Habjan, we have a very convincing look at what a battle between the two powerhouses might actually look like.

Check out here below the first three parts in the epic clash of Superman vs. Hulk: The Fight — it just may be new to you!


[Source: Daily Picks and Flicks via Reddit]


  1. Honestly, I see Superman vs. Hulk as being like Superman vs. Doomsday: Superman’s pretty much unbreakable, and Hulk gains strength and stamina the angrier he gets. I think, ultimately, their hearts would give out before either can win.

    Another big one is Superman vs. Thor. I think, power-wise, Supes is stronger, but Thor’s powers are related to magic, and Mjolnir itself is a magic item. Superman has a weakness to magic, so that factor would give the ultimate edge to Thor.

    Comment by totz the plaid — November 4, 2013 @ 10:18 pm

  2. It’s nothing but a spar. When they’re done, Hulk will turn back into Bruce Banner, Superman will get back into his Clark Kent facade, and they’ll join Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne at the coffee shop for some BS.

    Comment by Justin E. Miller — November 5, 2013 @ 1:24 pm

  3. Hulk is immortal. and therefor his heart would not give out and Thor is just as strong as superman but has a great knowledge in magic as well as an expert in all forms of martial arts he also can go into a berserker mode where he is 100 times as strong and even with all that when ever he has faced the hulk he always loses to the hulk even was once beaten to death

    Comment by randell — November 13, 2013 @ 8:57 pm

  4. I was really hoping for a part 4. These videos have been around for a few years already.

    Comment by Luis A Bernal — November 14, 2013 @ 7:11 am

  5. In the JLA vs Avengers cross-over comics, Superman actually defeated Thor, shocking the rest of the Avengers.

    In DC vs. Marvel, Superman defeated Hulk. He also K.O.’d Juggernaut with a single punch.

    Oh, and one time Hulk lost to Batman. Yes, that’s right, Batman.

    Comment by Victor Von Boom — November 14, 2013 @ 10:21 am

  6. Old news, old videos. But I’m sure there are a few people out there that haven’t seen them and will get a kick out of it them.

    Comment by Geo — November 14, 2013 @ 2:26 pm

  7. Thor later said that if he had known about superman’s strength, he would have won…dc vs marvel, if i remember, decided by fan votes, and lastly the crossover comics are ridiculous and non canon…they’re also mainly penned by dc, giving them the advantage. Superman will NEVER be written to lose, he’s superman.

    Comment by Josh — November 17, 2013 @ 12:50 am

  8. My idea for a Hulk vs Superman cartoon movie involving Brainiac.

    Brainiac would be defeated by Superman but as has happened many times before pieces of his consciousness would remain. As Superman delivers what he thinks is the fatal blow to Brainiac he would connect himself to the Daily Planet’s computer archive and then laugh and tell Superman “you’ve already lost,” as images of Bruce Banner and the words “limitless potential” pass across the computer screen. Before Superman can fully defeat Brainiac he sees that Brainiac’s consciousness has shifted.

    The next scene shows Brainiac, who’s assumed the form of a human, having found Bruce Banner. The scene shows Brainiac’s internal calculations- that in order for Banner’s unlimited potential to be released he needs to find a way to block his moral center. To do so Brainiac approaches Banner as a reporter claiming he followed Betty Ross. He shows Bruce “film” of Superman killing Betty. Bruce’s eyes begin to quiver, like he wants to cry. Bruce shuts his eyes and says, “this can’t be.” Brainiac responds, “I have all the records right here, look for yourself.” At this point Bruce can’t even gather the strength to look at his evidence. There is no voluntary withholding of Bruce’s beast, the last image you see is a very angry Hulk busting through the building and screaming “Betty!!!” (and no, this wouldn’t be the silly Darth Vader “noooo” yell).

    The scene shifts back to the Daily Planet where Clark has posted himself, searching the archives trying to locate where Brainiac has hidden himself. During which Lois tells him news of “another Doomsday,” speaking to Clark about a beast rampaging through town after town, destroying everything in its path. Clark tells her that he has to let other superheroes handle it because he’s intently focused on finding the bigger danger to all of man: Brainiac.

    The next scene shows a path of destruction, at the end of which is a half fallen “Welcome to Metropolis” sign. Much like with the first Doomsday attack you see TV news glimpses of Iron Man and Wonder Woman getting their clocks cleaned trying to stop the beast. Then, Clark’s deeply intent work is interrupted as he feels his building shake. He looks outside and sees the horrific scene. Within seconds, as Hulk is about to smash the ground next to a mother and child, Superman intervenes and sends Hulk flying into a building.

    The battle would rage from there. Superman’s first line of attack is to try and keep civilians safe, he attempts firing his heat vision at Hulk. He continues to fire but this only enrages Hulk further, Hulk starts to throw cars at Superman. Superman realizes he cannot fight from a distance because this risks too many people. Superman surmises he’ll have to grab a hold of Hulk and fly him to a less populated area. He flies straight into Hulks gut and grabs him and pushes him as fast as he can. During this Hulk uses his signature “Hulk smash” move, disabling Superman’s flight attempt. They both fall to the ground.

    Superman tries to reason with Hulk, asking him, “What are you doing? I know you’re a good man Bruce, why are you hurting so many people?” Hulk yells back, “YOU KILLED BETTY!” Still dazed from Hulk’s last attack Superman isn’t quite fast enough to respond to Hulk and Hulk pounds him into the sewers. The cartoon doesn’t show the battle under the ground, instead showing sewer lids popping up, and the ground shaking. The next scene would show Superman breaking through the ground, clearly being hit from under the sewers, Superman gets thrown into the nearest building. Hulk then busts through from under the street.

    Lois sees what’s going on, she is fearful for Clark. She calls Bruce Wayne and tells him “I haven’t been this scared since Doomsday attacked him.” Bruce tells her to wait there. The next scene you see Batman flying in his batwing (this is a multi seat version, not the single seat batwing). He meets Lois at the planet and connects his batwing computer to the Daily Planet’s network. His system is able to intercept part of Brainiac’s signal, as well as Brainiac’s planned destination. Batman tells Lois, “My system is telling me that the last thing Brainiac was looking at was a classified study about Dr. Bruce Banner. Read here: ‘Dr. Betty Ross surmises that Bruce Banner has nearly limitless potential when he changes form,’ this must be why Brainiac left. That beast must be Dr. Banner” Lois responds, “wait, go back a page, right there.” They view an archived picture of Banner hugging Betty Ross. Batman looks at Lois and says, “we have to go!”

    The scene would flip back to Superman and Hulk. Superman has Hulk in a full nelson, flying him straight into space. As they reach the upper atmosphere Hulk’s intense arm squeeze from behind starts to break Superman’s back. Superman has no choice but to release him, but this isn’t enough for Hulk. The entire time they’re falling Hulk continues pounding Superman with one fist and holding him with his other hand. About half way to the ground Superman kicks Hulk sending him flying into a building.

    At this point Superman flies up and into the atmosphere to gain strength from the sun. Superman has his second wind, he flies to the ground to fight Hulk. He uses his super speed and wales him, much too fast for Hulk to respond. He hits Hulk from behind, and with super speed flies to the front of the flying Hulk and hits him again.

    The battle finally starts to turn and Superman is running circles around Hulk, but the entire time this is only enraging Hulk even more. Where normally Bruce’s moral center would be a stopping point, there is none of that left because of his anger for Betty’s death. As Superman is running at super speed assaulting Hulk, Hulk simply stands there taking the beating and getting angrier and angrier. Then finally Hulk smashes both hands at full strength, perfectly hitting the super fast opponent on both sides of his head. Superman is dazed and looses his footing, at this point Hulk starts to smash him into the concrete. You see the super enraged Hulk smashing Superman repeatedly into the ground, constantly repeating “you killed Betty!”

    The next scene shows Batman and Lois landing within visual range of Brainiac’s ship. Batman, who has prepared for as many contingencies as possible, has one plan to temporarily disable Brainiac. The scene shifts to a flashback of Batman dealing with Martian Manhunter. Manhunter provides him a device and tells Batman, “if you ever run into Brainiac this will send a signal that temporarily disables his memory core. You’ll have about 20 minutes until he adapts.”

    The scene shifts back to Lois. Batman tells Lois to wait inside the Batwing while he attempts to find Betty Ross’s location. Lois refuses, being her normal independent self, and insists that she go in with him. Together they enter Brainiac’s disabled ship. As Batman attempts to connect to Brainiac Lois doesn’t just find info on Betty Ross, she actually finds Betty herself. During this Batman sees that Martian Manhunter’s 20 minute estimate is wrong, Brainiac starts to wake up early. Luckily Brainiac isn’t fully operational yet and can barely move so Batman and Lois are able to escape with Betty.

    The next scene is actually a montage of scenes showing a back and forth with Superman and Hulk. Superman hitting Hulk, and Hulk hitting back. Neither seems to have the upper hand. Some scenes show Hulk flying into a building and other’s show Superman getting beat down. The scene finally shifts to real time and Hulk grabs Superman by his neck. You see Hulk’s muscles pulsating with anger as Superman is choked by Hulk. Superman’s face starts to lose color, and Superman reaches his hand out to Hulk’s face and tries to push it out, but this has little effect. Hulk’s rage has taken him to a level he normally never reaches and even Superman’s best efforts cannot pry him away.

    It is at this dire moment that you see the batwing land nearby. Lois exits and screams “CLARK!” Then Batman pulls Betty Ross by her hand to Hulk and Superman. Batman swings Betty towards them and tells her, “Stop this insanity.” Betty approaches Hulk and Superman, “Bruce, it’s me- please stop,” She pleads. Hulk’s head slowly lifts, and his hands slightly loosen, just enough for Superman to back off. Superman crawls and wiggles his way away at which point Lois runs to him. You then see Hulk looking at his hands, you can tell he is ashamed of his actions. Hulk looks at Betty and says, “you’re alive, what did Hulk do?!?!” At this point he shrinks down to normal and falls to the ground shivering, and Betty holds him.

    This isn’t the end of the story. Brainiac, having been awakened and realizing Betty isn’t in his custody flies back to Metropolis. He sees the battle come to an end and he exits his ship, with a floating chamber following behind. “I took precautions for just such an outcome,” Brainiac tells them as the floating chamber opens. Out of the chamber Doomsday falls to the ground (this isn’t the weakened Doomsday that we’ve come to know in the more recent comics but a Doomsday more in tune with his original appearance, the Superman killing machine). By this point Superman has regained his stature, but you can see he is weakened and shaken by his battle with Hulk. It’s clear he is in no condition to fight Doomsday. Banner looks at him and says, “I’ve got this, go after Brainiac.” As Doomsday leaps towards Superman Banner instantly turns into Hulk and blocks the assault.

    Although Superman is weakened, so is Brainiac, so Superman leaves to finish the job he started. He is able to defeat him and then he sees the battle between Hulk and Doomsday raging. He knows this could be a nearly endless battle with endless destruction so he teams up with Hulk, and together they smash Doomsday to and fro, finally smashing the bony beast into the ground and ending the battle with a series of deathblows.

    The very end of the movie shows Dr. Banner and Superman alone siting at small outdoor bistro table left over from a destroyed restaurant just outside a pile of rubble. Superman tells Banner, “You need to turn yourself into the authorities, even you must see the potential danger that you bring.” Banner responds, “I’ve tried that, they poke and they prod and they always release the beast unintentionally and risk even more people, my methods are safer.” Superman tells him, “Then let me help you, I have advanced technology that you haven’t tried yet.” Banner responds, “I’m not some science experiment, I’ve already told you it’s too dangerous. I’ve got this.” Superman begins to respond, “You’ve got to try something…” The very last scene is a close up of Banner’s intense eyes and Banner interrupts, “Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!” Cue music (something heavy and fast, like older Metallica), roll credits… (Images of former Superman and Hulk comics roll with the credits).

    Comment by thedon77 — November 21, 2013 @ 5:48 pm

  9. I would prefer Superman vs Hulk. Superman vs Batman does not carry the power and strength factor. Hopefully, someone will see the light someday.

    Comment by Zod — December 31, 2013 @ 8:25 pm

  10. Don’t forget that Spiderman staggered the Hulk, in 1966. Heck, Lois Lane may have a chance with her shoe.

    Comment by Zod — December 31, 2013 @ 8:28 pm

  11. Where in the world does it say Thor’s strength is = to Superman.

    Comment by Zod — December 31, 2013 @ 8:30 pm

  12. Where is part 3?–I found it. Wow!!I Only been out a few weeks? I thought Hulk holding Superman down that was unrealistic…

    Comment by Zod — December 31, 2013 @ 8:30 pm

  13. Yet, Superman can pick up Thor’s hammer. Majic has not killed Superman –he’s still around.

    Comment by Zod — January 10, 2014 @ 9:40 pm

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