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Spoiler Talk: The A-Team
Guy_Jen   |  

Well it is the decade of the remake and it still is. This weekend the world was introduced to The A-Team all over again and I completely and totally loved it. The movie definitely brought in some big names and actors that I definitely enjoy. Overall the team was the strongest part of the entire movie and I really liked all of them. Bradley Cooper played Face, Liam Neeson played Hannibal, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson played B.A., and Sharlto Copley played Murdock.

I cannot really find anything that is flawed in this movie even though I did have fun thinking about how certain things worked. Overall, the movie was just a fun time and I couldn’t stop watching. Copley definitely stole the show most of the time he was screen, but I may be a little biased because of loving District 9. I really loved how much fun it looked like all the actors where having during the entire movie. Cooper definitely had a smirk that fits the Face character.

When you add Patrick Wilson and Jessica Biel to the mix of talented actors, it definitely makes for a fun ride. I really hope everyone, fans or not, goes to check out this movie just to have a good time. It may not be Shakespeare, but it was a good time at the movie theater and really what more could you ask for?

Well before I just drag you to the theater, let’s get to the SPOILER TALK! The following are my thoughts on The A-Team with spoilers a plenty. What would be even better is if you left your thoughts in our comment section as well.


WARNING: If you have not seen The A-Team, do NOT read any further. There are SPOILERS below.

-Ok Hannibal needs to teach at community colleges across the nation. The class can be called how to scare killer dogs and break out of handcuffs. That was super awesome. I need to get a firing pin and handcuffs and see if I can pull that off.

-Seriously, why do people do that kicking in the air thing? I mean it’s not like people are just gonna fall over and give up just from intimidation. Makes for good comedy when they get knocked out though.

-Cooper definitely pulls off the Face smugness perfectly. I really enjoy that smirk and sarcasm in this situation while tires are holding him in place.

-I loved this scene in the preview and I love it even more in the movie when Murdock tries to jumpstart the van with the paddles. It’s great that he goes flying and flipping all over the place.

-I love that B.A. thinks Murdock is so crazy yet he is talking to himself about how crazy Murdock is. All this while Murdock spins the rotors around and sings “You spin me right round baby, right round.” Oh yeah and if you haven’t already noticed Murdock can fly like a bat out of hell. I mean seriously watching him fly that helicopter is badass!

-Still seems a little weird that one flight with Murdock makes B.A. scared of flying forever when it doesn’t even bother Face or Hannibal, especially considering what B.A.’s job was in the Rangers.

-Seriously lady don’t even slap him if you’re just going to continue kissing him. I mean he is Face and you should never touch the face!

-I swear I just want to watch a movie of Sharlto Copley as Murdock impersonating all the movies he can because that Braveheart impression was amazing and hilarious. I would also like to watch Hannibal show me the plan with all my action figures and hot wheels cars just like he does in the movie.

-Wow this Crematorium guy is seriously quoting bad kung fu movies. “You are not arrowed in my dojo!”

-Now we get to see what happens when B.A. let’s himself go and Face overly tans. Still seems weird that every single one of the team is in a different type of prison though. Why would Face have a tanning bed but B.A. be stuck on that bus that looks like a regular non military prison?

-The film that is being played to be third is an episode of the original show which is so awesome especially when Murdock starts to figure out the plan before it happens.

-Rampage really could lighten up on the usage of “Fool” because that is the only thing that bothers me at all.

-I love that for some reason the tank that they steal has a “How am I driving?” bumper sticker on it like you would for some reason drive a tank down a major highway in the United States and need their opinion of their driving skills. I also love that the team essentially flies a tank. For some reason I totally buy into it.

-If it has been 6 months why would she have any trouble remembering she was demoted? I mean I can understand for the first month, but 6 months?

-I just love that Hannibal figured it all out a long time ago and has just kept it to himself the entire time. I really also find it hilarious that General Morrison would grow his hair that long and scraggly in an attempt to make everyone think he was a different person. He was still the whitest dude with a beard so I still can’t see how it helped him at all.

-I love that Murdock thinks it’s not at all weird that he can speak Swahili. Add that to the look on B.A.’s face and what he is wearing and it makes that scene priceless.

-Extremely scary that Murdock just randomly carries around injections like that and also for some reason carries around all the ingredients to make B.A.’s favorite meal. Cracks me up though that he didn’t catch him.

-Why the heck would Lynch order them to carry Rocket Launchers? I mean seriously how does that help you on a closed quarters freighter? And why the hell are those containers all of a sudden made out of aluminum because I seriously doubt that steel or whatever those are made out of are just gonna bounce like that?

-John Hamm in The A-Team sequel?

-I love that the cops are polite enough to just let their prisoner make out with someone for as long as they want without consequence.

-Did you stay after the credits to see the cameo’s by the original Face and the original Murdock? I still wish there was some sort of cameo by Mr. T, but apparently he couldn’t work it out or something.

Your turn… What did you think of The A-Team? Did you like it better than the other action offerings of the year? Is it better than the Karate Kid remake? How does it rank for the year and the summer?

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