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‘Firefly’ Joins The Fight Against The Evil ‘Twilight Saga’!
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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

I’m going to be blunt with you for a moment. Recently, I finally was able to watch Twilight (which waited until New Moon was almost on freakin’ DVD before it even got to Showtime!) for the very first time.

Being someone who has a sixth sense that allows me to get a pretty good vibe from movies based on their trailers, my expectations were not very high. I was, however, full of hope that this vampire phenomena would somehow surprise me and turn out to be a good time.

It was not.

This is obviously all just my own personal opinion, but frankly, Twilight was one of the messiest, slapped-together-to-make-billions-off-of-a-popular-book-series movies I’ve ever seen. I think it could have been a hell of a lot better with a different director and some different casting, but that wasn’t the case. There was nothing compelling about it, the acting was completely forced, and the situations were so unbearably awkward that I literally felt like I needed to take out my cell phone and fake-text people in order to “get away” from it all. And seriously — why did they wait until there was 20 minutes left to bring in a big meany-head bully vampire that you don’t even have time to hate before he’s dragged off and you have zero idea what happened to him? I demand sooner vampire conflict, damnit!

OK — now that I’ve been able to vent that off on you, how about some new anti-Twilight fun!

Yours and my favorite pilot of all time, Wash from Firefly (Alan Tudyk), was seen at some event wearing quite the anti-Twilight t-shirt, which you can see below. Be warned, SOME may take offense; but in all seriousness, if this really offends you, then you would desperately need a sense of humor, kids.

This of course isn’t the first time we’ve seen other favorites of ours rising up against the tyranny of Twilight.

Back in November when our favorite heroic hitmen, the Boondock Saints, had their sequel Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day on the way, they had a little fun with the arcade game Big Game Hunter and an Edward Cullen cardboard cutout, and we all giggled with glee (Read: The Boondock Saints Realize The Sins Of “˜Twilight’ & Take Out Robert Pattinson In True Saints Fashion).

Oh, and let us not forget that brilliant little intervention that was put on in an attempt at talking some sense into the hordes of fans of these movies (Read: “˜Twilight’ Fans Receive Much-Needed Intervention At Special “˜New Moon’ Screening).

Again, all of this is just in good fun. If you dig Twilight, then by all means, enjoy away. I just happen to be on the other side, hoping that some day soon you will have a life-changing revelation, and see things in a much clearer light.


Alan Tudyk

[Source Addam Hardy]


  1. If you need something to give you hope for the vampire genre, try True Blood, and pretend Twilight doesn’t exist. It’s working for me!

    Comment by Lorien — February 16, 2010 @ 8:36 am

  2. Twlight is not *that* bad….and I’m a harsh critic.I did rather hate the over the top contact lenses in this one,but if you read the books,which you obviously have not,its true to the story.And the acting was not that horrendous,or id not have been able to watch it.
    As for Firefly.
    Despite Whedons cool ideas 80% of the time,and claiming he got the idea for Firefly from various events in history ,he *totally* ripped the idea off from a FullMoon movies series called Oblivion.Yeah,he did.So Charles Band thought of it almost 10 years before Whedon did,and given Whedons tastes,id bet my last twinkie,he watched a ton of FullMoon stuff.
    So ,he stole ie,made it his own,and gave Band no credit.
    You don’t see Band wearing Firefly was mine tee shirts…hmmm.
    So ,I do love the Firefly characters,and the story did get more and more interesting as we went along.I even sniveled when Wash died ,but no reason to cast stones bubbies.

    Comment by Missy — February 16, 2010 @ 2:17 pm

  3. I’m a Twilight Fan and most “mature” Twilight fans agree that Twilight The Movie was horrible. Although the books are great if your the kind of person that is into fairy tale, prince kind of thing. People always judge the movie based on the saga and it’s completely different from the books and for what most people enjoy about the saga. It’s not too different from Star Trek, you enjoy the plot, the characters and love to see if on film and that’s what we are excited about. Except for the annoying little teeny boppers who are in it just because it’s popular but I’m sure you got a lot of that with the Star Trek movie too. As for the “life- changing revelation” Twilight fans like myself who are older, know that life isn’t like that and you won’t get your perfect prince, but it doesnt mean we can’t enjoy it and be excited that it’s being made into a film and being enjoyed by others. I’m not trying to start a arguement I’m just trying to give a perspective from the other side.

    Comment by E.L. — February 16, 2010 @ 2:20 pm

  4. In all honesty, I agree with you in the fact that Twilight the movie was not that great for the same reasons you said. I don’t know what Catherine Hardwick was thinking at all during that whole movie. However, New Moon was better because they had a ten times better director (whose name I am currently forgetting). Anyways, I am a Twilight fan but not an obsessed one such as the Twilight-moms are (creepy, I know). THe books are better than the movies but not by much, very little reading challenge or plot for that matter

    Comment by L.R. — February 16, 2010 @ 5:54 pm

  5. Well, I didn’t *want* to love Twilight, but the books completely sucked me into the story. The thing about it is, even though it’s not necessarily Great Literature, there is something about the fantasy of it that captivates people. I don’t enjoy the movies as much as the books, so far, but I hope they keep getting better. Go on and keep hating. It doesn’t bother me. :-) And by the way, I LOVE FIREFLY!!!! :-)

    Comment by Heather Weaver — February 16, 2010 @ 7:37 pm

  6. I personally loved the Twilight series. The first book started off slowly but was a good book all in all. New Moon was my least favorite book in the series but has been my favorite movie based on the series thus far. I will admit the first movie wasn’t great. I watched it probably around 10 time and it did get boring. I have found books that I like more than the Twilight saga, pretty much anything by Lisa Jane Smith. The Host, also by Stephenie Meyer, was better than the Twilight series and their making a movie out of that too. Yay! I like her [Lisa Jane Smith’s] Vampire Diaries series a lot but it’s completely different from the TV. show. I also liked the Harry Potter series by JK. Rowling so I don’t always read ‘all vampires, all the time.’ I read most of the Little Women series by Louisa May Alcott. I haven’t read Aunt Jo’s Scarp Bag yet but intend to. That being said I don’t take offence to “Twilight Haters” because even if I absulutely adore a book I still make fun of it. That’s what fanfictions are for! Anyway, one of my best friend’s hates Twilight and we have so much fun making fun of it. I pick on it all in good fun and she just didn’t think it was well written. That being said I understand that everyone won’t like the same things but I think people would enjoy the movies more if they read the books.

    Comment by Animalover95 — February 16, 2010 @ 8:21 pm

  7. Besides Tru Blood, fans of -actual- vampire fiction (rather than pretend vampire fiction that bears as much resemblance to vampire stories as Count Duckula… actually I take that back, Duckula is a much better piece of vampire work.. where was I? oh yes;) fans of real vampire fiction should also check out BBC series Being Human, now in its second season. Despite not burning in sunlight, the vampires are believably savage and therefore that much more scary. The show in general has a lot of well-written and ‘truthful’ human drama – more than most of this teen vamploitation stuff.

    Comment by Shilling — February 16, 2010 @ 8:27 pm

  8. Twilight movie.
    This movie is very evil Movie !!!   attracting many young age people to evil.  people doing this kind of movie for make money but they are really don’t understand that they are serving for evil.  People thinking that  is ONLY move NO NO . If some one only watch this already can poison your pure heart. it is very bad for your Soul.  Please don’t watch it . There is very bad and evil  energy and consciousness of this move. this energy will poison your spirit.  Please stop poison young people with pure heart.

    Comment by Maxwell_DM2003 — December 28, 2011 @ 5:55 am

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