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NYCC 2014: Arrow’s Stephen Amell Panel
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Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen aka The Arrow, on TV’s Arrow made an appearance on Saturday at New York Comic-Con, where the actor answered a bunch of questions from an audience Q&A session. Amell answered questions regarding Season 3 of Arrow, staying fit for the role, new characters on the show, working with John Barrowman, and much more!

The panel also featured a surprise guest.

Check out the Q&A transcript here below, along with pictures from the panel.

And – spoilers!

Stephen on the shocking Season 3 premiere of Arrow: I was so excited to read the script. I’m gonna read it right now! And then I read it and it was like dead silence for 5 seconds, ‘Are you sure?’” Nobody is a bigger Caity Lotz fan than I am. All fans of the Black Canary. I think she did them proud.”

Q-Any scoops or exclusives?

A-Well, we just finished a shocking massive 2 episode crossover with The Flash. Episode 108 of The Flash is “Flash vs Arrow,” which I think should be “Arrow vs Flash” for purely alphabetical reasons. And Episode 308 of Arrow is “The Brave and the Bold.” We build up our year through the first 9 episodes. Season 1 we introduced the Dark Archer, Season 2 we find out Slade Wilson is alive in the present day, and in 309 we take cliffhangers to another level.

Q-I’m a huge fan of John Barrowman, who we hear likes pranks. What was one of his pranks on you?

A-In “Sacrifice,” the season 1 finale, I’m chained up, shirtless, doused on me, and he didn’t do it in rehearsal, it was during the first take. He walks in as Merlyn and gives me a double purple nurple. Here’s a slight exclusive. We get a chance to get face to face very early in the season. Acting with John was one of the highlights of the season for me.

Q-In the first episode of season 3, what was your favorite scene?

A-I liked the dinner scene in 301. It did something that I enjoy – harken back to the past with detailed specification and I looked back and it was a red pen. If we didn’t have good character moments… I work 9 hours a day sometimes and the only word I get to say is “Stop!” or “Run,”so when I get to act. I really enjoyed that scene.

Q-Katie Cassidy: What can you tell me about her character?

A-You are going to see Laurel with a different set purpose. She’s the one who discovers Sarah and all the implications that has for Laurel. So I’m excited about that. She’s been key this year. Fans are really going to be excited.

Q- Where do the costumes come from (in Arrow world)?

A-Some things are better left unexplained. My question is where’s Diggle’s costume? Diggle needs a costume.

Q-Who was your childhood superhero? Most inspirational?

A-Hulk Hogan – totally true. I was weaned on Christopher Reeve’s Superman. But General Zod is my favorite character. I’ve always gravitated towards villains. Oliver in the beginning wasn’t too much of a do-gooder.

Q-I’m a big fan of the shirtless scenes. Can you walk us through your workout regimen?

A-You walk in and your trainer has big muscles. That doesn’t intimidate me. I work out with this guy Charles who is 5’4”, Asian, and 110 pounds and it freaked me out because he’s using his brain. I do these weird crazy balances. I’m in the midst of training right now. Episode 9 has the biggest fight scene in the history of our show. And it’s a fight with two people. I’m shirtless for the entire fight for a very good comic-based reason.

Q-Last season we found out that Oliver maybe has a kid. Will that be brought up in the future?

A-Yeah. (audience laughs)

Q-What was your least favorite or most difficult scene?

A-The most difficult was Moira’s death scene. It was challenging. In the original iteration of the scene, they have loose ropes on Oliver. I had my hands ziptied behind my back in the pilot and Oliver was able to get out. If I’m gonna watch Slade threaten my mother and sister, you better tie me up bondage Christian Grey-style. The only way for me to do that scene was to fight against those ropes as hard as I could. I’m most proud of Moira’s last episode. It was the very best of our show.

Q-Is there a possibility of Nightwing?

A-I think there’s a possibility of Nightwing getting a show. So there’s positives and negatives. The positives-based on the success of Arrow we are now entering the Golden Age of comic book properties on TV. The negatives is when a show like Gotham covers the same……our ability to use characters like Nightwing and Harley Quinn get a little more restricted. You can look for characters with a little more niche as we move through the show. Probably not Nightwing though. Being in Hong Kong is warmer than being on the island. We have Maseo and Tatsu as Katana. I’m excited. We are at the midpoint of the year and we are at the midpoint of Oliver’s 5-year journey. I miss playing that guy (Oliver at the end of the five years).

Q-In Issue 35, you finally have an updated Arrow to resemble you rather than Justin Hartley. They’ve added Felicity. How does that feel?

A-Cool. Green Arrow is not a new character — been around since 1941. We got inspiration from the comics and now they are getting inspiration from us. John Diggle is homage to Andy Diggle. Can you imagine a Green Arrow universe that doesn’t have John Diggle? That would suck.

Q-I’m on Season 2 Episode 3.

A-The woman in black is Sarah (audience laughs).

Q-Who is your favorite love interest?

A-I’m not picking a love interest. [Audience member shouts ‘Diggle!” Stephen Amell points and nods.]

Q-Adding R’as al Ghul and Brandon Routh, what can we expect?

A-He was good as Ray Palmer, wasn’t he? We have crossovers — a plethora of possibilities. There’s an ultimate resolution for Oliver at the end of Season 3. I’ve said too much.

Q-What’s it like to fight with Colton. Is it funny or serious?

A-I’m never serious. We work long hours. If we don’t goof around those will be longer days than there already are. With Oliver and Roy, there’s a new dynamic we haven’t seen – Oliver in paternal mode. I really enjoyed our scenes. Colton wears the suit well.

Q-When are you hosting Monday Night Raw?

A-I think it will happen. We’ve had discussions about stuff. I’m working right now. I actually want to wrestle — I’d have to train. I wouldn’t tweet that if I didn’t want it to actually happen.

Q-Will we get to see freeze arrows and boxing glove arrows?

A-No comment. I’ve been trying to get boxing glove arrows for three years.

Q-How does it feel to be mentoring the competition?

A-That dipped between real life and the show. I love playing Oliver as an older curmudgeony non super-powers superhero. This little dickhead, zipping around the place. I love Grant Gustin so much. I hoped their opening would be bigger than ours, which it was. The popularity of The Flash shows the faith in our show and in our creative team. I don’t view that as competition at all.

Q-Anybody you really miss?

A-I miss Tommy Merlyn.

[Colin Donnell walks out on stage.]

[Colin speaks] That is so sweet of you [they hug]. Last time we were at Con, we had just shot our last episode. You are a charming son of a bitch. I’m pretty pasty right now, living in NY. I was on Broadway. I have a new series debuting tomorrow [October 12] on Showtime called The Affair with Joshua Jackson. I only work with excruciatingly handsome men.

[Stephen speaks] You want Colin to stay? [Audience cheers]

Q-Are you serious about competing for American Ninja Warrior?

A-Yeah. I’d definitely do that. It’s all about logistics. I wanna go on and win. Need a little time.

Q-If Battle of the Network Stars came back?

Stephen: Me and Jared Padelecki and three other guys. Oh and David Ramsey…
Colin: And Robbie [Amell]
Stephen: We’d win.

Q-With all the popularity, and you voice the Green Arrow in the new Lego Batman movie, would you want to see Arrow in other DC things?

A-I’d really like a Green Arrow video game. I’m fiercely protective of the character. I have to live and represent him. As where Arrow goes — there will be a time when I have to hand him over and I hope to leave the character in a better place.

Q-Did you ever get really excited about what’s coming up?

A-It’s the little things I’m excited about: Episodes 3, 4, 8, and 9. I’m not going to elaborate, but come find me after nine episodes.

Q-Where can we find you?


Q-In the next two seasons, the flashbacks end. Given that they are an important part of the show, how will they do that or do you think it will end after five seasons?

A-I don’t know how the show will exist. There’s no flashbacks in the 7th or 8th episode of Season 1. I’ve always been a fan of knowing when a show will end. It gives it gravity — makes for better writing. I don’t know what will happen after five seasons. I’m sure somewhere, someone is asking that question. Episode three is not my flashbacks and Episode five is a Felicity origins story.

Q-Now that Thea is with Merlyn, how does that affect Oliver?

A-Oliver doesn’t like it at all.

Panel Photos

Panel photos by Olympus Athens for Geeks Of Doom.

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