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TV Review: The Walking Dead 6.7 “Heads Up”
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Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes - The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
Episode 6.7 “Heads Up”
Directed by David Boyd
Written by Channing Powell
Starring Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohen, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, Michael Cudlitz, Lennie James
Air date: Sunday, November 22, 2015, 9pm

Warning – SPOILERS for The Walking Dead Season 6…

Seriously……… SPOILERS……

Back in the third episode of Season 6 of The Walking Dead, 6.3 “Thank You”, audiences were shocked and dismayed by the very real possibility that Glenn is dead. Since then, every episode has been a wait to see if Glenn was actually killed or if he managed to somehow survive. As the weeks passed, it seemed more and more like Glenn is gone, and last week, his pregnant wife, Maggie, even seemed to be coming to terms with the loss after abandoning her plans to go out and look for him.

And this week, we FINALLY find out WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO GLENN!!!!!!!!

Let’s get the important part out of the way:


Oh man, what we’ve been through to get to this point. The torment!

But, Glenn’s alive and he’s on his way back home to the Alexandria Safe Zone.

Here’s what happened”¦

Glenn had been part of Rick’s mission to lure the Walkers from the nearby compromised rock quarry to an area miles away. Unbeknownst to them, at the same time, the Wolves were invading the Alexandria Safe Zone, and a loud horn was set off there that drew half the herd to the area. In an effort to get that half back, Glenn and Nicholas broke off from the main group to go on a mission of their own. Unfortunately, they ended up atop a dumpster, surrounded all around by Walkers. The last we saw of them, Nicholas had shot himself in the head, which caused him and Glenn to fall off the dumpster right into the crowd of hungry Walkers. And it looked like Glenn was being ripped apart an eaten.

Every fan on the planet after that was like, Glenn had to have gotten away, he’s hiding under the dumpster, and the body being ripped apart was Nicholas’, which was on top of Glenn.

And guess what had happened?


The body was Nicholas’ and Glenn was able to slip underneath the dumpster and stab at any nearby Walkers, and then wait it out.

What a relief!

Now I’m going to try to remember what else happened during this episode, because after Glenn’s reveal, I spent 40 minutes, thinking “I’m so relieved!”

We learned that Glenn spent the night under the dumpster pretty much praying for dawn and for the Walkers to lose interest in him. While I’m obviously delighted to know Glenn survived, and I totally can believe that he’d find a way to sneak away and hide under the dumpster “” his stealth was always his strong suit “” but I find it hard to believe the Walkers would have lost interest.

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead

Anyhow, when the area clears and Glenn emerges in the morning parched with thirst, young Enid is nearby to provide some water. Glenn follows her, wanting answers on what’s happening back at the Safe Zone. Enid, being the emo brat that she is, is tight lip and just wants to left alone in her misery. She’s not much help, she didn’t even know about the horn that went off that drew half the herd of Walkers back to their home. He wants to bring her back with him, but again she’s an emo brat and resists. Thankfully, she eventual goes along with him because I was so tired of her shit.

Along the road, they find the green balloons from the original mission. Enid ties them to her backpack. Since this is a strange find, we know this will be of some importance later “” and it is.

Meanwhile back at the Safe Zone, everyone is still stupid, and doing things we don’t like. First, there’s Rick. Rick is my personal hero. And when it comes to his actions, he’s always right. BUT, when he talks about what should be done, he loses more of himself little by little. In this episode, he seems to finally realize that “his people” “” the group that came with him to the Safe Zone “” have assimilated into their new community and consider ALL the people of the Safe Zone to be one people. It’s time for Rick to catch up, and by the end, it seems that he might be with the program.

Then there’s Morgan. Rick and his inner circle had to have an intervention with Morgan, who’s pacifist ways are putting the community in danger. And they still don’t even know that Morgan has the W guy in the cell, keeping him alive. But, it looks like they’ll find out soon, since Carol now knows that Morgan is keeping someone or something in that cell.

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead

Deanna is back to her old self again, and is now even more hopeful for the future. She shows Rick and Michonne her long-term plans for building an extension onto the Safe Zone. Rick, though, has his mind on the walls around the Safe Zone and how to reinforce them. He has little time for anything else, like Father Gabriel’s prayer circle. After Father Gabriel “” who we should remember abandoned his flock leaving them for dead, and then turned on Rick’s group after they took him him “” put up a notice about a prayer circle, Rick promptly rips down. Carl thought this was a bit hard. Gabriel, unfazed, puts the notice back up.

And Carl “” please watch your back!!! How people don’t realize that young Ron wants Carl out of the picture, I don’t know. Ron is getting Rick to teach him how to shoot so he can fight the Walkers or any enemies at their walls, but I think it’s obviously that this is just a ploy. Carl is competition for Enid, who Ron called his girlfriend (does she know that? she seems like too much of a free spirit to settle down with a boyfriend), and Rick just killed Ron’s father! Rick is suspicious of everyone and everything, even though it’s probably not necessary, yet, he’s not worried about emo Ron? Focus, Rick! At the end of the episode, we see Ron sneak into the armory to steal some bullets, and then follow after Carl, seemingly wanting to shoot him. But, that gets interrupted by something major (more on that in a second).

Inside the Safe Zone, the group is trying to figure out how they can get the Walkers away. Deanna’s son Spencer, who seems to screw up a lot, decides to try to makes his way over the wall on a wire attached to a not so secure grappling hook, so he can get into a car to lure the Walkers away. Problem is Spencer’s not too bright or too strong, and he ends up needing to be rescued by Rick, Tara, and a few others, with Tara always getting killed.

Back to Glenn and Enid: They finally make it back to the Safe Zone area, only to discover that Walkers are surrounding it. Emo Enid makes one of her “the world is dying” statements, and I want to smack her, but Glenn is every the optimist. I mean, look what he just survived!!! There has to be a way for them to get back in, right?

As Maggie continues her watch at the tower, we see green balloons in the sky. It’s a sign!!! And Maggie knows it! When he originally broke off from the group, Glenn had told Michonne that if something happened, he would send some kind of sign, and now here is it. Just as Maggie runs and tells the others of this wonderful news, here comes some more doom”¦.

One of the towers starts to come crashing down, breaking right through the Wall, leaving the community exposed!!!!!!!

So, as we breath a collective sigh of relief for Glenn’s survival, now we can fret over the fate of the Alexandrians, and the like demise of their beloved Safe Zone.

Nothing gold can stay.

Some more thoughts about this episode:

“” The people behind The Walking Dead love to give up throwbacks and Easter eggs in every episode, and there was a really cool one in “Heads Up.” Back in the episode where Glenn seemingly died, another character he was on a mission with died. He was bit by a Walker, and wanted to make it home alive just long enough to tell his wife Betsey that he loved her. He feared he wouldn’t live long enough to get home, so he gave Michonne a note for his wife. Of course, he didn’t make it, and neither did the note. In “Heads Up,” Glenn happens upon the man still right where he died stuck to a fence, the note right beside him.

“” Morgan truly believes people can change, which is a wonderful attribute, but he’s too extreme in his new “all life is precious” philosophy.” The Wolves came to kill them, and he let five of them go “” these same five then ambushed Rick in the RV, yet that doesn’t seem to faze Morgan. He needs to understand the consequences of his actions “” and his inactions.

“” Fuck you, Ron, fuck you!

“” Sam still won’t come downstairs. Fine, Sam, rot up there for all we care!

“” Speaking of Sam, when Carol goes to drop off baby Judith to Jessie, she sees Sam. He starts asking her questions about the “monsters” and people turning into monsters. She tells him “The only thing that keeps you from becoming a monster is killing,” and then she walks out. We know damn well that when she finds the Wolf that Morgan is keeping in the cell “” who he apparently thinks he can rehabilitate “” she’s going to kill his ass. No questions asked. I’m with her.

“” Maggie tells Rick that Judith is starting to look like Lori now. Ugh. Really? Please, we don’t need any reminders of Lori. Also, it’s interesting that we’re talking about WHO Judith looks like?

“” I am beyond thrilled that Glenn is back. So so happy. So very much. BUT… we know that the villain Negan is coming, and if you know the comics, you know what this means for Glenn. We all already mourned Glenn while simultaneously keeping hope alive for his return… are we going to have to mourn him again so soon? :::weep:::

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