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TV Review: The Walking Dead 8.7 “Time For After”
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Walking Dead 8.7 Lennie James

The Walking Dead
Episode 8.7 “Time for After”
Directed by Larry Teng
Written by Matthew Negrete & Corey Reed
Starring Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Christian Serratos, Tom Payne, Khary Payton, Austin Amelio, Alanna Masterson, Katelyn Nacon, Steven Ogg, Pollyanna McIntosh
Air Date: Sunday, December 3, 2017

Warning – SPOILERS for AMC’s The Walking Dead…

On last week’s The Walking Dead, the Allies (Alexandria, Hilltop, and The Kingdom) continued on with their plan to take down Negan and the Saviors, which included Rick returning to the untrustworthy Scavengers to try to make a new deal with them. Instead, he’s captured by them. Meanwhile, at the Hilltop, Maggie decided to keep the Savior POWs for future use as a bargaining chip; Michonne and Rosita left Alexandria and got into it with two Saviors, who Tara and Daryl then took down; King Ezekiel was still in seclusion at The Kingdom after losing his battle with the Saviors; and Carl allied himself with a stranger named Siddiq.

On this week’s episode, 8.7 “Time for After,” Eugene is faced with a tough choice that seems to have no good outcome either way; Negan stays calm in the face of death around him; Rick still wants to win over the Scavengers to his side; and Daryl moves forward with his rogue plan, and has Tara, Michonne, Rosita, and Morgan along with him, but what does that mean for Rick’s ultimate plan?

This episode was totally frustrating!!! What the hell are you doing, Daryl!?!?!?! Why can’t you wait? JUST WAIT!!!! Rick and the other leaders formulated this plan and everyone believed it in and everyone down the line followed it, but you gotta go rogue. Ugh!!!!!!

Ok, so here’s what went down, even though I really don’t even feel like recapping it because I’m just so annoyed…

When last we saw Rick, he had returned alone to the Scavengers to ask them once again to join his alliance. Leader Jadis turned him down flat and imprisoned him. Now, when they take him out of captivity, he’s wearing nothing but his boxer briefs and Jadis takes a few photos of him. NOT instant Polaroids like Rick had done, but with an old-fashioned camera. He asks why she’s taking photos, and she says it’s to sculpt him “after.” After what? Rick asks. Being a woman of few words, she merely says, “After” and has him locked back up. I would have asked, HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO DEVELOP THE FILM???? Is there a Dark Room at that scape heap they live on? Jeez.

Meanwhile, Daryl, Tara, Michonne, and Rosita talk about following Daryl’s rogue plan, and Morgan, who was scoping stuff out in sniper position, joins them, confirming that he and the snippers are ready to act. Rosita, though, speaks out, saying she “believes in Rick Grimes” (so do I!!!!!) and that she thinks they should “wait.” But Daryl says that they no longer have the Kingdom fighters who were part of the original plan, and Tara says she regrets not taking action sooner after learning of the Oceanside. But Rosita worries about acting impulsively — look what happened to Sasha! Rosita is out, and surprisingly, Michonne is still in. (Michonne, what the hell?!!?!?! WHY!?!?!? How can YOU not believe in Rick Grimes.)

Back at the Sanctuary, Eugene is flipping out and he stays that way through the entire episode. He confronts Dwight revealing he knows he’s the traitor who’s been helping Rick’s group. He’s right, of course, it is Dwight. Dwight doesn’t cower, though. Instead, he pushes Eugene down and basically tells him to keep his mouth shut. “The Saviors are finished, Negan’s finished, and this place, what it’s been, that’s all over,” Dwight tells Eugene, reminding him that they’re almost out of food and water, and the workers are angry, and that things haven’t always been so great there. Eugene just needs to wait for everything to fall to be on the winning side. But Eugene doesn’t want the Sanctuary to fall; he wants to stay safe and keep everyone in it safe as well, and tells Dwight he’ll keep his secret only if he stops what he’s doing and doesn’t harm anyone inside.

When Eugene walks off, we see that the Sanctuary is surrounded by Walkers that are scratching at the windows. He then sees Dr. Carson, who’s treating Father Gabriel, who has an infection. But there’s no meds there to treat him. Eugene callously states that the holy man was part of Rick’s ambush team and tells the doctor that his old crew were just “traveling companions,” but admits he doesn’t want Gabriel to die. When the doctor leaves, Eugene refuses to help the priest with his plan to get the doctor back to the Hilltop for pregnant Maggie. Eugene, who we know as a coward, says he’s not going to stick his neck out for anyone. But Father Gabriel thinks that when the time comes, Eugene will know what the right thing is to do and he will do it. The priest takes Eugene’s hand as he says this, leaving a drop of blood on it.

Back at his room, one of Negan’s wives comes to see Eugene. He’s late on a promise to fix something for her, but wants her to leave the wine for him that’s part of the bargain. He wonders why the woman isn’t distressed that they are trapped and surrounded by walkers. “I’m already trapped,” she says, blaming him for their predicament because she and the other wives had gone to him for help in getting rid of Negan, but Eugene had refused them. The women wanted the Sanctuary to be a better place, but Eugene only cared about himself.

After, Eugene answers Negan’s summons. The leader wants to know if Eugene, who he says is the second most important person in the building now, has made any progress in his tasks, because if he hasn’t, a lot of people are going to end up dead. Not Negan, though. Negan says he’s too good at this shit to die. Ok, listen, I get that he’s a born leader, etc., but the entire place is surrounded by walkers and they don’t have a plan to survive it — I really don’t believe this man would remain calm and cocky. I think he’d be needing his pooping pants. Negan then goes to shake Eugene’s hand, but the latter thinks he’s meant to kiss it. (Oh god, I hate you, Eugene!!!) “A handshake is a sign of mutual respect,” Negan says, adding, “not many people get that from me.” But, there’s still work to do…

Eugene retreats to his room and starts working on something. He then goes down to where Sasha’s casket is stored and has a flashback of her as a walker emerging from it. Inside is the iPod and headphones she was using when she died in there. This makes him tear up. (A lot of stuff does this to him, all the time, especially during this episode.)

Back to Daryl’s crew: They arrive near the Sanctuary and are about to go through with their rogue plan. At the last minute, Michonne comes to her senses — she can’t go through with it. She isn’t sure that the plan is going to work and thinks it’s not worth risking all of their lives to try it. “It is for me,” Daryl tells her, “just is.” But if she can’t do it, he understands, so she takes off. Tara tells Daryl that they got this, they can make it happen. Ok, so HE’S willing to risk his life and die because he doesn’t want to wait to follow Rick’s plan, which I understand. But what I can’t grasp is how he can do this knowing that it can possibly go south for everyone if he fails. Same with Tara. I just kept thinking, how stupid and selfish are these two? They are worried that they don’t have the manpower to follow through with the original plan and that’s why Rick went back to the Scavengers, yet they don’t care that everyone else is working towards the original plan and that they could be ruining it!!!

Ok, so it looks like Daryl’s plan is to ram his garbage truck into the Sanctuary walls and let the walkers that were surrounding it get inside. Inside, we see the workers running for their lives, and some not making it. Umm, ok, I thought the whole point of Rick’s plan was to NOT harm the workers because they are likely innocents just doing what they are told in order to survive. Thanks, Daryl!

While that’s happening, Eugene has built a remote-controlled glider so he can fly the iPod out to lure the walkers away. Umm, how loud could that be and would that even work at this point? We’ll never know, because Dwight finds him and holds him at gunpoint. Eugene thinks that Dwight helping Rick will harm the innocent people, and Dwight is surprised that Eugene doesn’t want Rick and company — his old crew! — to win this fight. Dwight stresses that he just wants to get rid of Negan and only Negan. Eugene, at this point, doesn’t feel like he has much of a choice: If he doesn’t solve the walker problem, Negan will kill him; if he tries to fly the glider out, Dwight will shoot him, so he’s in a lose-lose situation. He decides to fly the glider, but Dwight can’t shoot him, so he instead shoots down the glider. But the walkers by now have infiltrated the building; we see the workers running scared while the Saviors try to gun down the undead invaders. Eugene freaks out and runs back to Father Gabriel to tell him that he will never join his cause and that he will only do whatever he has to do to survive. He will continue to obey Negan and make sure Dr. Carson stays there incase he himself should ever need him.

Eugene then runs to Negan, who wants to know already what their survival plan is! This is how Negan plans on surviving – by sitting back and hoping this cowardly piece of shit comes up with a way to save them all. We don’t get to hear the plan, but apparently it will take a ton of bullets, which we know on this show never run out, so no problem there. Here, Eugene acts cocky, saying “I am,” when Negan calls him “magnificent.” It seems like Eugene is just about to rat on Dwight, when Dwight and others come knocking and Eugene stays quiet about him. After, Eugene goes back to his room, shaking, drinking, and vomiting up the wine he recently got.

Now back to Rick: Jadis has him released because it’s time for “after.” They release a helmeted walker to kill Rick, and in true Rick fashion, he overpowers his captors, beheads the walker, and then takes Jadis hostage, putting her face to face with the growling undead creature. (Rick, you are so badass!!!) “Play your games, draw your pictures, sculpt whatever shit you want, but I’m leaving,” he tells them, as he reiterates his offer for them to join him. If they don’t, his people will be back for them. Jadis then accepts the offer – the Scavengers will join him. She barters with him over the Sanctuary spoils and the right to sculpt him, the latter of which he turns down (they’ll get a quarter of the spoils though). Again, WHY would he believe them? They betrayed him so quickly the last time, they will surely do it again if the need arises.

The last scene of the episode shows Rick leading the Scavengers to the Sanctuary. This is where the group is supposed to meet him so that they can make the Saviors surrender. But no one is there, and no one is answering on the walkie talkie when he calls for the snipers. It looks like he finds one of his people dead, hanged upside down (!!!!!!!!!!!). He looks out and sees the garbage truck that Daryl had rammed through the Sanctuary walls and all of the walkers that had surrounded the place are now gone. Umm, this doesn’t look good for Rick’s new alliance with the Scavengers, and he knows it.

Damnit, stupid Daryl and Tara!!!! You guys are such idiots! Thanks a lot. You don’t deserve Rick, you don’t deserve him!!!

Next week marks the mid-season finale (an annoying interruption of the series!), which will be an oversized episode that reportedly will have a major surprise, and it doesn’t seem good. Perhaps someone will die, or it will seem like someone died, and aren’t they setting it up to be Daryl at this point? Like, they flipped him so much that if he dies, all you can say is, he did it to himself. Glenn is dead because of him, so we can’t really have more stories about him feeling bad about getting other people killed. Instead, it might be him who’s killed by his own impatience and stupidity. And if that happens, will people riot like they’ve threatened to all these years? I don’t think so this time, not after he turned on Rick like this (and even attacked him a few episodes back!).


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Rosita tries to convince an injured Michonne to stick to Rick’s plan and stay in Alexandria.

‘Time for After’ Next on Ep. 807 | The Walking Dead

[Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC. Courtesy of AMC. Used with permission.]

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